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First of all, something strange happened to my LJ. Somebody or something deleted my main icon, and replaced it with an icon of a man holding his ears. This icon wasn’t even in my icon list where I went in to delete it. I have already CHANGED my password!!

I absolutely do NOT want any American citizen to go hungry, especially children. BUT…

I realize that we’re living in rough times, but I have noticed since forever, that there has been great abuse with our Welfare. I buy most of my groceries at Sam’s, but I still have to go to regular groceries stores to buy certain items that aren’t sold at Sam’s, and these are the times I always see stuff bought by welfare recipients that should NOT be able to be purchased with the Lone Star card.

I travel miles and miles to this grocery store, because they have the best bakery, and they also sell the best chili con carne burritos. 99% of the customers there buy with the Lone Star (food stamps). I saw this family there, buying a huge birthday cake, and when one of their little girls said she wanted cupcakes, too, they bought her about a dozen.

I saw these two guys, who were about 25 years old buy 2 BLOCKS each, of Munster cheese. I have seen people buy candy, soda pop, TV dinners, ice cream, and the list goes on and on. I have seen grocery carts filled to the brim with stuff that I, who works, would never even think of buying. I have seen milk, bread, etc., on sale, but I have seen these people just walk up and without a thought, just pick up whatever is in front of them. NEVER, have I seen them buy items I mostly buy, items such as corn bread, flour, oatmeal, beans, pastas, and OFF brand items. Never have I seen them with a grocery list, either. I honestly don’t believe this mother’s don’t even know how to make a HEALTHY meal from SCRATCH. Why? Because they have never had to, since they have always bought instant stuff.

As I mentioned before, I don’t want anyone to go hungry, but I do want the system to give these people just enough so they will have to shop for groceries as those of us who work do. I want them buy items where they will actually have to cook. I want them to make their own cornbread, pancake mix, beans, spaghetti, pizza, etc. from scratch as I do. I want the system to ban them from buying meals already prepared from the bakery, birthday cakes, pastries, candy, and soda pop. I want the system to force these people to buy OFF brand items. The baby formula is actually locked up, because of the outrageous price. I want the system to provide FREE BIRTH CONTROL to these women, and if they continue having babies, I want the system to withdraw a LARGE chunk of MONEY, and food stamp benefits. I want the system to STOP admitting at the county hospital, women who take a kid because he has the sniffles!! I want FREE lunch at schools stopped. I want these mothers to actually make their kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, just as my mom made for all us five kids! I want Headstart to come to a stop. My brothers and I were never able to go, because my dad made a couple of pennies about the limit to qualify.

I want the system to enter the homes of these welfare recipients and CHECK to see if a man is shacking up in there, eating and enjoying from the bounty we the tax payer pays for.

All in all, I do give thanks to God that the welfare program exists for families who need it for a LITTLE while, until they get back on their feet, but I don’t want it to be a FOREVER career! I want these people to suffer, just as you and I suffer when it comes to eating, having a roof over our heads, having health care, and having an OLD car.


"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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