Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

Woe Is Me

I am now POSITIVE that I got up on the wrong side of the year!

1. I used all my computer skills to try and fix that spyware that I picked up somewhere. Not only did my computer have this, but 38 different viruses, including the Trojan virus! I finally had to call for help. The guy couldn’t fix it, either, so I called another one. He had to take my baby to his shop. He prescribed some antibiotics, and Tylenol. :o) My computer is fine now.

2. I continued to work on my new domain, when I somehow screwed up my FTP, by sending my entire Domain folder out into the web! It took me forever to fix the mess – I think! Oh, and I was eating toast with lots of honey when this happened. The toast slipped out of my hand, and fell right on top of my keyboard. The honey just kept dripping down into the keys, crumbs and all!! It was IMPOSSIBLE to clean. Had to buy a brand new keyboard.

3. I started getting a rash on my rear end! I went to my doctor and she prescribed an ointment, which didn’t work at all, and the terrible rash just kept getting worse. I remembered that I had bought a different detergent from the one I always buy, because it was cheaper. I went and bought my REGULAR detergent and washed all my clothes, and the rash went away. YAY!

4. I still can’t find the remote to my TV!

5. I still haven’t received the Obama coins I purchased over the phone!!

6. Grandpa and I spent a whole weekend cleaning the backyard. The giant trash can was filled to the max, so we had to put the regular garbage into a regular trash can. I had made some chicken with Mole the day before, and emptied the chicken bones into the trash outside. Twinky, one of my 10 dogs, tipped the can over and ate all the chicken bones and almost died. You never give dogs chicken or pork bones, because they are splintery. To make matters worse, chicken Mole is made with chocolate. Chocolate is deadly for dogs. I would have taken him to my vet, but not this time, because I just wouldn’t have been able to afford paying a bill of 4 or 5 hundred dollars, so I went to the pharmacy and bought an enema. I filled it with warm water, soap, and olive oil, and shoved the tip up his ass. I went through this procedure 3 times. Twinky is fine now! YAY!

Most of you know of the love I have for animals. Had this failed, I would have taken Twinky to the vet and paid the astronomical bill I would have gotten that I couldn’t afford at this time.

7. I can’t help it, but I’m starting to feel sorry for Rod Blagojevich. Does he deserve another chance?

8. Thoughts on our economy? Is there hope?


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