Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

Aye Panchito!

1. Panchito, my little Chihuahua dog, broke my Canon camera. I had the camera on top of the sofa next to my computer, the sofa where I keep an afghan blanket one of my LJ friends gave me as a gift. I didn’t know that Panchito was cuddled inside of it. When he jumped off the sofa, his little leg caught the strap of the camera, and it fell hard on the floor. Poor little thing, the bang scared him half to death. I was devestated, yet grateful that he wasn’t injured.

I had some really nice pictures that I hadn’t downloaded yet, pictures I had recently taken from an airplane in route to California. No problem, because one of my brother’s that lives in CA. gave me his which is identical to the one Panchito broke. I now have those wonderful pictures, and will share them soon.

2. This same brother is now living with me, because he lost his job and his CA. home. Now, there are 4 of us to make payments on that investment home in Oceanside, CA. It’s getting harder and harder to make those monthly payments. We only hope that the family that’s renting it will be able to keep their jobs.

This brother that’s now living with me (temporary) is not only devastated by the loss of his job and home, but by the fact that his girlfriend who has been living with him for about 2 years, left him. I find it disgusting how she stuck by him in the good times, but decided to haul ass during these hard times. BITCH! She’s been calling him wanting to get back together. I have been pounding it in my brother’s head to have some pride and not to accept the bitch back. I seriously feel he’s listening to me. He better, or else I will disown him for sure, because not only do I DEMAND loyalty, but loyalty for all my brothers!!


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