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What I Overheard On The Phone

About 3 months ago, I received a letter in my snail mail from my Life Insurance Co. The letter stated that my insurance was going to be canceled because they hadn't received payments for the last 3 months.

I headed straight to the local office, along with my receipt, proving I had 3 MONTHS IN ADVANCE. All seemed to be settled after that. I requested that I wanted the insurance agent in my district to come to my home and leave me the envelopes provided by them, so I could in the future just mail my payments, instead of taking them personally each month to the branch office located in my city.

The agent, who was a short stocky man in his late 50's, came and brought me the envelopes and payment slips so I could just mail them out with my monthly payment. I told him that I was concerned about the error of not recording my payments and that I would probably be giving him a call to make sure this payment had been credited to my account. He seemed like a nice, quite man and eventually left.

This morning, I called him, gave my name, and asked him to please look in his records to see if I had been given credit on my recent payment. He said he was going to look at his records. This is what I heard him say to whomever was with him and he didn't realize I could hear his every word, LOUD AND CLEAR.

He told whomever something to the effect of: "I can't believe some people. This bitch on the phone is sooooo concerned about her miserable $10.00 per month payment on her insurance. There are people who pay thousands per month and this bitch is crying over measly $10.00."

YUP! That is what I heard him say. When he got back on the phone, I told him that I had heard EXACTLY what he has said and that he was an asshole. He hung up on me.

Fuming, I called my local office and asked for the number of the President of the company. I called the BIG MAN and told him exactly what the agent in my city had said. The president told me that the agent had no right to treat me that way and that he would immediately contact him
and attend to the matter.

When all this happened, I was very upset. Now I think it was kinda funny.

Tags: insults
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