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My LIVING NIGHTMARE at the hospital on October 29, 2008

My LIVING NIGHTMARE at the hospital on October 29, 2008

I have written here in DETAIL, to the best of my memory and knowledge, what happened to me yesterday. I ask you to please tell me what you would have done, had you been in my shoes yesterday.

Norma had me at the hospital by 10:30 A.M. yesterday for the operation. The date was for Nov. 1 at 5 A.M., but they later changed it to Oct. 29 at 10 A.M, then it was changed to Oct. 29 at 7 A.M., then it was changed to Oct. 29 at 11 A.M.

Let me explain that I started of with Doctor Joe Blow, but somehow ended up with Doctor Do Little, who I suppose is Doctor Joe Blow's associate or whatever. I don't understand why these doctors had me go to their office two times to have me leave a urine sample and to state a couple of words. I do know that my insurance was charged for these two visits, and for the urine samples. I feel that one appointment and NO urine sample would have sufficed, since I had already been given all the tests at this other place that I was sent to a week before.

This is NOT me, but this is exactly the way my arm looked like yesterday.

Norma had me at the hospital promptly at 10:30 A.M. Then at 11 A.M. I was taken into this room full of nurses, and little hard beds with different patients being prepared for surgery by their own doctor. Each little compartment had a curtain that was connected to the ceiling with tiny chains so they could be opened and closed. I was lead to the far corner and told to take off all my clothes and put on the little robe with the back part opened. A nurse then came and she put IV into my veins, and a bag of (suero) I don't know what you call it in English, but it's a liquid that is slowly dripped into your body through the IV.

First let me say that all the nurses behaved in a most professional manner, and were very nice to me and everyone else. I have nothing but good things to say about the hospital itself.

After the IV, I was left to wait for the doctor to have me wheeled in for surgery. I was wheeled to another room for some more x-rays. I have no idea why this would be done again, since I had already been x-rayed at this other place a few days before. I was then taken back to my little compartment where Norma was waiting for me. We chit chatted a little while, then I told her to go back to work, and I'd have them call her when I was ready to be taken home. She said no, that she would wait in the waiting room for me. I tell you, I am so blessed to have 3 great girl friends, and a great boss!

I lay there in a hard bed with a sheet and a blanket and waited. I waited one hour, two hours, three hours, four hours, and five hours. On the 6th hour, I ask a nurse if I had been forgotten. Note: by this time, all the nurses were different nurses since so many hours had passed, except for one elderly nurse who was still there since I had first arrived. When I asked if I had been forgotten, the nurse rushed to check my file and I suppose she went to my Doctor Do Little, because he came to me immediately and started saying some cock and bull about what was going to be done to me. I listened patiently and like a little lady. He then left. Norma was with me by this time in the little compartment. Let me say that since the moment I was taken into this room, I can't count the many different times I saw BRAND NEW patient faces, since all were being promptly rolled into the surgery room so their own doctor could perform surgery.

It was now the SEVENTH hour of waiting. Norma started making little small talk to calm me down, because I was now SERIOUSLY going insane. I hadn't had anything to drink or eat since before midnight. I started hallucinating when I saw this little hospital bowl that is used for medication and in my eyes it looked like a bowl of Egg Drop Soup, which is what I always order when I go to my favorite Chinese Restaurant.

Suddenly and without warning, I EXPLODED!!! I started yelling at the top of my lungs that I was going to get the hell out of there. I grabbed the needle concoction stuck to my arm and started pulling. The nurses ran to me and started taking it off, and telling me that they TOTALLY understood. I pulled the damn nightgown with the rear end opened, and put on my dress. I didn't bother putting on my bra and DRAWERS. The elderly nurse whispered to me to wait because she was going to give me some papers, but to please not ever say she had given them to me. I started yelling that that doctor had ABUSED me by having me wait for SEVEN damn hours that it was IN HUMANE!! I also yelled that my insurance company BETTER not be charged one penny, and that I was going to call them and tell them exactly what had happened to me. Norma and I walked out towards the elevator, when Doctor DO LITTLE ran up to me, and tried to hold me back, by telling me to calm down; to talk to him. I yelled at him to stay the hell away from me, because I was a hairline from INSANITY because of the INHUMANE shit he had made me go through. I saw FEAR in this doctor’s face, and he still had the audacity to tell me to call him. I told him to go to HELL, and then Norma and I got into the elevator. She took me to Furr's Cafeteria where I grabbed a salad, roll and a huge glass of water, and a glass of diet soda. I gobbled and drank like an animal. Since I'm a diabetic, I have no idea how I was doing.

The moment Norma and I stepped outside to get to her car, I raised my arms out with joy at being FREE again, after spending SEVEN hours of my life as a prisoner!! Another thing, Norma found out that I was still going to wait another TWO hours, which would have made the entire time of WAITING - NINE HOURS until I finally had my surgery.

I'm going to have to start all over again, and find another doctor to operate on me!!

Please "MY FRIENDS" (I'm starting to sound like McCain, huh?! I ask whoever is reading this, did I over-react? Again I ask you: Had this happened to you, how would you have reacted? Have you ever heard of anyone waiting so many hours before being rolled into surgery? Why did this doctor do this to me? I have an insurance the pays 100% for everything. Was it to make more money for the hospital and him? I honestly don’t understand.

Let me also say, that I NEVER saw Dr. Do Little until I started my little nervous breakdown!

What I have written here is EXACTLY what happened to me yesterday! I couldn't go to sleep last night from the rage I was still feeling! Right now, I'm at home, feeling worse (mentally) than if I'd had actually had the operation I was SUPPOSED to have had yesterday RECOUPERATING.


"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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