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Same Sex Marriages

Howdy Playgirl:

I have, on several occasions, heard your view on the death penalty.
I want to hear what your view is on same sex marriages. Please, pray tell...
let me know how you stand on such a sensitive issue.
I hear many people say "whatever", but can we say that and still
be comfortable with that indifference? I believe people are fighting at
this moment to prevent this from becoming law in the near future.
I am on that side. I want to see more men and women get married the
way the Higher Power intended. Happy trails to you.....(as grandma used to say).

Anonymous, I decided to place this in a brand new entry of my journal and this is my reply to you.

If I have the RIGHT, as an American, to marry any MAN I choose, then why can't same sex marriages have that same RIGHT? They're Americans, just as I am. They have their constitutional rights, just as ALL Americans do. It really isn't any of my business nor should it be the governments. Every human being of the U.S. has a RIGHT to live and do as they wish, AS LONG AS IT HARMS NOBODY.

With this world in such chaos with matters which are truly dangerous to mankind, to the world, why waste energy on trivial matters such this?

You say many people are fighting at this MOMENT to prevent this from becoming law. Why? What's the concern here? What are those people afraid of? What the hell!!

I've seen married men and woman fight like demons, with no love nor respect for each other. I've seen way too many husbands and wives in bitter divorces, way to much infidelity. If people would LIVE and let LIVE, what a better world this would be. You say you are on the side of what the "Higher Power" intended. Who the hell has not offended that "Higher Power" in one way or another? Who of us is without sin? We ALL sin in one form or another. Guys getting girls pregnant, then getting abortions, a husband beating his wife to a pulp or vice versa, a husband or a wife abusing or even killing their children, husbands or wives screwing someone else, extra marital relations, husbands murdering wives or vice versa, bastards MURDERING gays, men raping and slaughtering little girls. The "HIGHER POWER" DID NOT intend any of these things, so why concern ourselves on same sex marriages. What these HOLY ROLLER goody two shoes should do is inspect their own conduct in life with a fine tooth comb. I dought that if they would give this serious HONEST thought, they would not come out smelling like a rose. What I have learned in life is that those who carry the Bible under their arm pit while pounding their chest with clenched fists, as they holler YOU ARE A SINNER - REPENT, are the WORST human beings and frankly, they scare the living shit out of me.

Look at the HOLY ROLLERS Swagard and Jimmy Baker. They were both ministers of the Lord and one was CAUGHT with a prostitute, then he went before the people and CRIED HIS EYES OUT THAT HE HAD SINNNNNNNNNNED. Then he was CAUGHT A SECOND TIME. The other (Jimmy Baker) had sexual relations with the secretary, PLUS was living HIGH OFF THE HOG with the money which was donated for the church. I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THEIR ACTIONS, but what infuriates me is that these HOLY ROLLERS were the ones who once stood on the alter JUDGING and yelling at the top of their lungs, SINNERS - REPENT! What HYPOCRISY!!

I dislike with passion, people who judge, while having filthy skeletons in their own closets. I have filthy skeletons in my own closet, BUT at least I judge NO ONE. Nothing enrages me more than to come across this type of person.

I HAVE SINNED OODLES OF TIMES AND SO HAS EVERYONE ELSE. So why would I have the right to try and fight against those who wish to marry whomever they chose. I have wonderful straight and gay friends and I'll tell You, I wouldn't trade them for a "STRAIGHT" hypocrite for nothing. They have been loyal, kind, helpful and absolutely wonderful to me.

What these people who are fighting ("same sex marriages, AT THIS MOMENT") should do is apply their time to more constructive matters in order to make this messed up world better. What they should be doing at this time is volunteering their time to places where there's children with cancer, senior nursing homes, help world hunger, help put an end to animal abuse, child abuse, there are so many more things that we can do to better this world than waste time and money in trying to poke our nose where those things should be of no concern to us.

Our times will come, when we will DIE, when we will have to face our that "HIGHER POWER".

This will be the ONLY time EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US WILL HAVE TO GIVE THE LORD AN ACCOUNT OF OUR SINFUL ACTIONS! Not even the Holy Angels of the Lord have have been given the power or right to JUDGE humanity; much less any of us, who are MERE SINNING MORTALS. He is the ONLY one who has the RIGHT to JUDGE us.

It is hard to be a TRUE Christian. Christianity DOES NOT close the doors to ANYONE, no matter what their denomination or lifestyle may be. Christianity is suppose to understands, accepts, love, teach, embrace every human being on earth, for EVERY human being, is the creation of our, Lord, Jesus Christ. Christianity is the example for all the world. Christianity is NOT suppose to instill fear, judgment, discord, anger nor hate. Christianity is humility, mercy and love for ALL. AND REMEMBER, when we break only ONE of the 10 Commandments, we have broken them ALL. I KNOW I'VE BROKEN A COUPLE, but then, that is MINE AND THE LORD'S BUSINESS and no one eles! Tell me, do you know someone personally who hasn't broken at least ONE of the Commandments?

I've had these little quotes for sometime and absolutely LOVE them:

"I dream't of heaven the other night,
and the pearly gates swung wide.
An angel with with halo bright,
ushered me inside.
And there to my astonishment,
stood folks I'd judged & labeled
as quite "unfit," of "little worth,"
and "spirit valley disabled."
Indignant words rose to my lips,
but NEVER were set free,
for EVERY face showed stunned surprise,
not ONE expected Me!"
Author Unknown

"We will make great advances forward when we can
do like the man who said, "When I feel like finding
fault, I always begin with myself and then I never
get any further."

"There is so much good in the worst of us,
And so much bad in the best of us,
That it ill becomes any of us
To find fault with the rest of us."

Happy Trails and Whoopy-Ti-Yi-Yo
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