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My Voting Experience

In my real life, I sometimes seem to grab some attention where ever I go. Only problem is, it isn’t the kind of attention a gal would want, and it happened again yesterday.

My girl friends and I went to vote for my guy Obama, and you’re not going to believe what happened. As God is my witness, this is what happened:

Wherever I go, I hang my camera around my neck by the strap; kind of like a necklace. When it was my turn to show my ID and sign my name, the lady said sarcastically and as loud as could be, “WHAT are YOU doing here with a camera?!” I replied in a curt manner something to the effect that I always carried my camera with me, but if it wasn’t allowed to have a camera at the voting booth, I’d leave it with her. She told me it wasn’t necessary, since there was a judge sitting a little further from her. The next thing I said was WEEELLL DOG GONE IT! The woman definitely didn’t like me at all by this time. Oh well.

I went to my little voting booth and started reading the instruction and then shoved the card inside, then pressed NEXT. Nothing happened. I pressed NEXT again, and again nothing happened. I then called for HELP, and guess who rushed to my aide, the same silly tense lady who couldn’t keep her cool! She told me to pull the card out. I pulled, but the card wouldn’t come out. Very much perturbed, she then SHOVED me aside and pulled, and pulled, and pulled on the card. It wouldn’t come out. She then YELLED at me that I had shoved the card in the wrong place!! By this time all the blood had gone to my head and I could feel myself blush like crazy from embarrassment! The woman then YELLED for the judge, and told him to bring some pliers. “SHE! Pushed the card into the wrong place!!” she yelled all flustered. HERE COMES THE JUDGE for real. He didn’t say do or say anything, and walk back to his seat. I looked towards my girl friends, and they were looking in the opposite direction, pretending they didn’t know me! I looked at everyone and their eyes were on ME with disgust!! I blushed some more. Then the woman yelled, “I’ll have to lock up this booth that you broke!” My eyes were bug eyed by now, and I kept asking myself how in the world could I have broken the machine, if I only shoved the card inside? For the heck of it, I decided to push NEXT again, and guess what? It went to NEXT!! The machine worked. I told the woman, “It works. See, I DID NOT push the card in the wrong place like you said.” I was tempted to also say HAR, HAR, but decided to keep my mouth shut. As for the look on the lady’s face, if looks could kill, I’d be dead!

I finished voting, and then walked away, and all I asked was, “Where do I put this card?” They all yelled and pointed, including the judge, “THERE!”

Although, it was a horrible experience, I am ecstatic that I voted for Barrack Obama!


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"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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