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The Adventure of the Nasty Polyps

For those of you how prayed for me, it worked! THANK YOU!! I DON'T have polyps in my rear end! YAY! BUT!!!

What a nightmare it was, not the actual procedure, but the day before. According to doctor’s instructions, this is how Sunday went:

On Sunday, I took 3 tiny pills at 8 AM on the dot. These pics show what I ate. I find it strange, that I hadn’t had a really good appetite for a few months before, but on Sunday I started getting hungry. I suppose because I knew I couldn’t have human FOOD!

4 liters of terrible tasting liquid! UGGY!!

Jello, two boullion cubes, tiny bit of apple juice.

YUMMY :o( Bouillon cube in hot water

It wasn’t that bad, and I was able to handle it quite well, but the plastic bottle you see below, with 4 liters of some liquid gunk, was a NIGHTMARE! I was to start drinking the liquid at 5 PM, and have it ALL finished by 8 PM!! 4 liters in THREE hours? Are they crazy?! It was impossible for me to finish the whole thing, and although there was a little packed of some flavor I was to add, it tasted HORRIBLE! Every time I walked, my stomach swished around like crazy. I could actually feel it, and hear it. I thought for a moment if I hadn’t swallowed my little Nemo and his fishbowl! :o)

I couldn’t imagine why I had to drink this stuff so late in the night, but I soon found out why! Don’t ask why! :o) I have a pet peeve about the timing. Why don’t they have you start drinking that stuff earlier, so you can sleep!!

It was impossible for me to sleep that night. My boss picked me up and had me at that place by 7 AM, where I had to fill out a BUNCH of papers. It was hard to do this, because I was half asleep. Then my name was called, and the lady led me to this little compartment, and had me put on this cloth with the back opened. They then gave me oxygen, and pushed this GIANT needle through the vein on my upper hand, and then they wheeled me into THE room! It was kind of funny, because as they wheeled me to THE room, I saw lots of other people being wheeled into rooms, also.

I remember asking some guy why the lights were so bright, and if they could dim them a little. He was about to answer me, when I blinked, and when I opened my eyes, I was back in the little compartment where my clothes were!! It was over! I do recall giving out a loud painful grunt while I was under. They then put me in a wheel chair, and took me to the front door where my boss was waiting with his car.

When I got home, I hugged Grandpa and all my little babies. My boss stayed a little while, and we all chit chatted a little, until I started feeling these agonizing cramps in my stomach. They led me to the sofa in my computer room and laid me on the sofa, and I fell asleep. I didn’t wake up until Tues. morning!!

I’m feeling great, but will be put under again, when my other doctor removes the polops that are on or in my uterus, and check out in the lower right side of my abdomen. Then I’ll have to wait to see if there’s a problem. I won't say anything about it here, until it's been done, and I have the results.


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