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We are all adults, so don’t be embarrassed by this post.

I continue to lose weight. Perhaps it’s due to my worrying about my health predicament, but I suspect it’s mostly from watching true horror movies like McCain and Palin, and worrying about ONE of the two house investments my 4 brothers and I have in Costa Mesa, California. I will share with you in another post what has happened, and why it happened.

I’ve somehow managed to keep the weight in my legs intact, but my trunk section, including my boobies are quickly becoming smaller, damn it! If I should ever die, and I don't plan on doing that any time soon, I want to be cremated in this leather outfit (panties are leather, too! If you don't believe me, touch them - RAWR!), and have my ashes scattered in whatever part of the world, EXCEPT Wasilla, Alaska! :o)

My medical issues are still in limbo. I’ve had so many different specialist appointments since October that I’m seriously all confused. I’ve been poked with needles for blood tests, and every nick and cranny has been examined, except for my rear end, but that part of my body won’t escape inspection either, because on Monday I’ll be having a colonoscopy. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be on a clear liquid diet. Thank God I have Aetna insurance, which pays 100% for everything, plus prescription. I do have to pay anywhere from $15.00 to $30.00 per prescription. It breaks my heart for those families who have no insurance at all! Hopefully this will change when Obama becomes our President!

I am so blessed, because I am loved by my 3 best girl friends and boss. I won’t be able to drive back home after the procedure on Monday because I’ll be drugged up. My girl friends can’t take me because they have to work, but my boss doesn’t since he owns the company, so he has offered to take me, and wait as I’m being dissected (sob!) so he can drive me back to my house, where Grandpa, and my oodles of pets will be waiting with open arms, and PAWS for me! :o) I have no idea how long I’ll feel the after affects of the sedation, but will make a post as to what I went through! :o(

All the tests I’ve had have come out negative, but the doctors want to know if I have polyps in my colon, as I have in my uterus, before scheduling me for surgery.

It’s funny that I’ve never in my life had to go to a doctor for anything serious, except for that time when I was stationed in Korea.

Cancer runs in both my dad’s and mom’s family, so I hope everything will turn out negative, including this tumor I have right next to my right ovary.

Most of you know that my Dad has prostrate cancer, and since the majority of my LJ friends are male, I again want to remind you to go for that examination, just to make sure you’re ok.

For those of you who have never heard of Colorectal Polyps and Cancer, here’s a link to better educate you on the subject.

Digestive Diseases: Colorectal Polyps and Cancer


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