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My Views On the Death Penalty

What is our TRUE motivation to be so inclined to have someone die? A cry for justice? Revenge? Or something worse? I wouldn't be surprised if in the future, our society will go so far as to make executions a public activity for all to gather and see. I foresee a future of vendors yelling peanuts, popcorn, hotdogs, as our children will hear us yelling mercilessly, "KILL, KILL, KILL." The thought of this ever coming to be, frightens and chills me much more than the criminal himself.

Can't you see that MONEY talks, that MONEY is justice, that MONEY more often than not, frees that criminal from the death penalty because he was able to hire the very BEST of lawyers plus oodles of private investigators. How many rich criminals are on death row? Look at O.J. Simpson, perfect example. What about the man related to the Kennedy's found guilty for murdering Martha? Did he get the death penalty? No. The DREAM TEAMS DO preform MIRACLES. PLEASE! Name me just ONE RICH MAN who is on death row.

How many poor are on death row? The poor, the mentally ill must depend on public defenders who sometimes prove to be uncaring and competent. The scale of justice DOES NOT weigh equally for the rich and poor. As for race? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

The death penalty is killing a defenseless, unarmed man. MIND YOU, I DO BELIEVE that should we find ourselves in a life threatening situation with someone, then our natural instincts to survive, have every right to react and do WHATEVER it takes to save our own lives. I also believe in killing for the saftey of our country.

There have been too many cases of men who spent decades in prison, being exonerated because there was now ABSOLUTE proof they were innocent. I most certainly believe in punishing the criminal, but I believe in having compassion and mercy, also. I prefer ALL violent criminals be spared the death penalty if it means that just ONE INNOCENT MAN lives. What if YOU or a loved one were to become an innocent man on Death Row? ALL things are possible.

I once saw a video called "The Faces of Death," which showed the real life execution of a man in the electric chair. They sat him in the chair, strapped his legs and arms and covered his eyes with a black scarf. When the electrical currents were released, his body jolted violently for what seemed an eternity to me. I saw a thick liquid, ooze down from behind the black scarf, onto his cheeks. The thick liquid were his eyes pouring out from his eye sockets. I can't find the words to describe what I felt. I do know in my heart that this vile act was not right and was the epitome of horror. Yes, I agree that whatever the crime which this man had committed was terribly wrong, also. Yet, the "An Eye For An Eye" version cannot be the answer. Yes, he had to be punished but with "life imprisonment without the possibility of parole," not death. There are alternatives. The death penalty hasn't worked in the past, nor has it worked to this day. Lets not fool ourselves, if we demand the demise of a human being, then we are as guilty of committing the very same act that the criminal committed.

"An eye for an eye," is not the answer. I'd hate to imagine that this would be the accepted rule. There would not be a living soul on this earth, with eyes. I DO NOT care to live by "An eye for an eye." We just would'nt be human anymore, would we? Don't we teach our children that "violence" only begets "violence?" What we as adults are doing to our "Death Row" inmates, totally contradicts what we teach our children. What a crying shame in this country, many politicians take advantage of this disgusting act for political gain, that this country continues to cry out for blood, when most countries which have stemmed from the U.S. have either abolished or drastically declined the death penalty.

I have been the victim of the most vicious and violent crime a human-being could endure. I had just turned 13. By the grace of God, managed to escape, but not before the vile and vicious act had been committed on my body. I never told anyone about it, not until years later, when I made a webpage. It helped. The reason I bring this up here is because although I have been a victim of crime, in a most horrific way, yet,
no matter how heinous a crime may be, I am completely against the death penalty and REFUSE to be in agreement or have any part with the "legal" aspect of committing murder and and call it what you may, "The Death Penalty" is committing the act of murder. These are my UNCHANGING views on this topic and welcome with respect your views.

"From this day forward, I no longer shall tinker
with the machinery of death... I feel morally and intellectually
obligated simply to concede that the death penalty
experiment has failed. It is virtually self-evident to me now
that no combination of procedural rules or substantive
regulations ever can save the death penalty from its
inherent constitutional deficiencies."
Justice Harry Blackmun
Callins v. Collins

"Murder and capital punishment are not opposites that cancel
one another, but similars that breed their kind. It is the
deed that teaches not the name we give it."
George Bernard Shaw

Here is my Death Penalty Poll:

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Could care less


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