Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

Kittens, Palin, Biden

It's good that I made yesterday's post about the abandoned kittens, because [info]magyarok_saman, who is also an animal lover, suggested I buy kitten formula and a feeding bottle for the abandoned kittens. When I read her post yesterday, I dashed to the pet store, bought the stuff, and started feeding them.

[info]dragynphly was right about the Carnation giving them the poo runs. No wonder I had to constantly wash their little bottoms! UGGY!

When I made the post yesterday, I was feeling entirely overwhelmed and sadden by finding those near death kittens. I feel much better today, because it looks like the two gray ones are going to make it for sure, (I'm concentrating big time on the 2 white ones) thanks to [info]magyarok_saman, and [info]dragynphly! I wish you could hear them now, because they are meowing up a storm, 'cuz they're hungry AGAIN!!

It is true; a mother's work is never done! :o)

I'll keep all you kids who showed so much concern for these kittens posted with pics!

OH! And I can hardly wait to watch the Biden/Palin debate this evening, where I'll be rooting for Palin to do even worse than she did on the Katie Couric interview! Seriously! :o)

Do you predict she'll do great, or she'll be painfully aweful - AGAIN?

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