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I read somewhere that Alaska has the highest incest and rape in the country, yet Sarah Palin has let it be known, that even if her daughter had been raped, she would still not support an abortion. I was also shocked to find that agencies had been charging rape victims or their insurance companies for medical examinations for evidence against the rapist, and as Mayor Palin knew about it.

This information, which I came across a couple of days ago, has caused me so much rage and pain. Less than a handful of you know the details of being a child victim of violent crime (no, didn't get pregnant) and now most definitely consider her a woman's worst enemy.

How simple it is for this woman to dare and say that even if her own daughter had been raped and inpregnated by her rapist, she'd be against an abortion.

I realize the majority of my LJ friends are male. Wish I had more female ones for their input. QUESTION:

Let us assume Palin became President of the U.S. YOUR 13 year old daughter, or adult daughter is raped by a vicious rapist, and she becomes pregnant, would you abide by Palin's law, and force her to have the baby?

If not, what would you do, knowing full well you'd be breaking Palin's law? For those who don't have a daughter, pretend you do, and put yourselves in a father's place.

Please, I need more thoughts on this?


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