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COURTTV: fight between seniors that turned deadly

Schuss, a 69 year old man hit and caused the death of Rosenberg who was 74.

I believe Schuss should be found guilty and be given the full 15 years in prison.

I find Schuss wife the instigator of this tragedy for being one of those women who has a BIG mouth and who doesn't mind her own business. I also find Seymour Schuss to be a disgusting bully.

If a young man had done what Schuss did, with another young man, he would be found guilty of murder. Why should this 69 year old man be excused just because he is old? Yet, the one who really has my blood boiling is the wife of Schuss. I'm sure we have all been the victim of a total stranger being sarcastic with us in public and the reaction of anger a person like that instills, is very normal.

The person I find to be responsible in this Courttv case is the wife.

There is no excuse what-so-ever for anyone to hit another person, unless that person is in violent danger. This was not the case here.

If you want to find out the full details, here's the link to COURTTV: The background of the case of 2 seniors deadly confrontation at a movie ticket line.
Here's the link to the The Full Story
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