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Oh, What a Life!

I've been pinching myself all over for quite a while now, to see what part of me is dead and which is still alive, and am happy to find that at least my obnoxious humor isn’t dead yet, and will eventually surface back to you again!. Amazing!

As I mentioned before, this is the first time in my life I've actually seen what politics is all about. It sure is dirty, huh?! I know there's a name for people like me, but when I become interested in something, I just can't let it go until it eventually irks me to death! Another thing, when I grow to deeply care for someone, as I've grown to care so much for Barack and Michelle Obama, I'm 100% loyal - FOREVER. I'm the same way about my friends and family, and of course, the animal world. And what can I say for this beloved country of ours that I love with all my heart and soul, and it breaks my heart to find how very divided we are, (kind of like those during the Civil War) when we should all be more united than ever! So, forgive me for fighting as I have for Obama and Michelle. Please! As for Sarah PAIN, if need be, I won't be handling her with kit gloves, as the Republican Party DEMANDS. Since she's running for a position in Washington, that will affect in some way or another OUR LIVES, I feel it's mandatory we try to find ALL the pros AND cons about the woman. After all, this isn't a girly beauty contest, and a beauty she is!

Yes, I've been so engrossed in this political civil war thing, that I haven't been sharing with those of you have been so sweet and patient with me by sticking around, the many adorable things about my cats, dogs, Nemo the Fish, Grandpa, and even a trip I took for the 2nd time to Key West this past July, and another two fun trip I took!

I’ve been meaning to tell you so many new happenings about my real life Shadow People who live in my house and of my continued love affair with death and cemeteries! I have oodles of more pics to share of spooky graves, plus some that a LJ pal sent me which are absolutely beautiful, and of course will give him credit as the photographer!

I’ve been meaning to share with you the many horrible things that have been happening in Juarez and of the corruption here in El Paso. But again, I’ll be a monkey’s aunt, if I’ve had the time, because I’ve been getting so upset and angry from watching those TV stations (Fox) that have caused so much harm to my well-being and sparkling personality! :o)

I’ve been meaning to toot my horn with an accumulation of pics I’ve taken of my delicious dishes I’ve made, and I’ve been meaning to share with you updates on that guy who was released from prison back in November, and who now lives in my backyard. It’s quite a fairy tale, the things that have been happening in his life. Oh, and I still haven’t posted his real life account of the Texas 7!!

I’ve had spurts of the naughtiness, but have put them on the back burner, because I’ve been too engrossed in the ugliness of politics.

I’ve been meaning to share with you, in detail that I have been going back and forth to different specialists since the middle of August, because of a tumor that was found in my lower right abdomen that’s the size of a damn plum, and of the preparations that have been made. I've somehow lost 4 pounds in a month, because I'm always feeling nauseated. I hope I don't end up losing my sexy figure! :o) I’ll go more into detail about this, after the 10th of this month, when I’ll be will be given an exact date for surgery, and of course, if it turned out to be malignant. As I told one LJ pal in an email, “I’m not too worried of dying, since I’ve heard that only the good die young.” For once in my life, I’m so happy that I’ve been so bad! :o)

I’m still working diligently on that "Romantic" all ENGLISH domain I mentioned before. It is seriously going to be my masterpiece of love and romance with over 1,000 pages, and just about the same amount of graphics I’ve created. I've been studying and practicing on my own, and must admit, I've come up with some pretty awesome creations. Oh, and not to worry, because it will be totally family friendly. When it finished, I’ll definitely put the URL here. I’ve already finished another brand new family friendly domain, which is in ALL SPANISH, and which has over 2,000 pages!! As you can see, I haven’t had a life or very much sleep for a very long time, because I've used EVERY single spare moment of my life in working. I'm not complaining, because I honestly love working at my real full time job and on the web! I go crazy when I don't do something to produce more money! Seriously!

I believe I now have about 12 different domains. All are FRIENDLY, and a couple are adult. I'll eventually only post the URL's of the FRIENDLY one here. I also have the domain with Obama's name as President of the United States that I was so lucky to purchase! I have no idea what I'll be able to do with that one. Perhaps I'll give it a try, and hope Obama doesn't make me take it down, when he's PRESIDENT! I'll forgive him if he does! :o)

Yes, I’ve bought even more domains, one each for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Quotes, Poetry, my Catholic Religion (SPANISH), Cooking (SPANISH) and one on my most favorite thing in the world, KISSES! Heeeeee When I finish all of them all, I’ll post the URL’S all here.

I've kind of lost myself along the way by this political journey I've undertaken, and need to find myself again, and I know I will. I really have been a total asshole for too long, huh?

Oh, and to those who will be mentioned soon, the ones who sent me a gift, I'll do my very best to send the wallets on Monday. Only FOUR of the ten saw the post, and responded in my SCREENED FOREVER post. I still haven’t had a chance to renew my P.O. Box, but will very soon, and will give it to those oodles of sweethearts who asked for it. I better buy me some really nice stationary!



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