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She was once breathtakingly beautiful, but after the word got around that she was an easy lay, she soon became the neighborhood whore for every Tom, Dick and Harry's pleasure.

Every time she was banged, she became pregnant, and after a while, the shiny luster of her hair faded to where it looked dried and ugly, as did her once girlish, shapely figure. Her once luscious firm breasts now sagged. Her beautiful eyes now had deep dark circles, which one couldn't help but see the sadness and fear in them.

Yes, her body was now ravaged by those who would use her to satisfy their sexual desires at their every whim.

First of all, I made this Chicken Mole for Grandpa and the man who lives in my backyard. Since I have never eaten CHICK in my life, because I'm positive I was either a chicken or most likely a turkey in my other life, I only had some Mexican rice.

Some of the ingredients I use to make mole are Mexican chocolate bars, peanut butter, sesame seeds, and cinnamon.

These are EnMoladas. I don't eat this either, since the mole is has the juice of the chicken! Again, I only eat the rice! :o(

Now for the topic of PUSSY! I AM naughty, huh?! ;o) Remember how I've been trying to trap the white female cat since last summer? Well, I finally caught her, and she's now spayed and micro-chipped. Now, all I have to worry about is capturing the 5 kittens to have fixed soon. This is going to be another nightmare, because they are all just as wild and untrusting of me as their mother was. You know what's so strange? She would always run away from me and hide behind my wine barrels that I once grew flowers in, but now that I finally had her fixed, she actually comes and rubs herself against my legs! Could it be that she now understands that all that time, I was just trying to help her from every Tom, Dick and Harry doing his thing to her?!

Since I've had all my 30 something cats spayed and neutered, this cat was impossible to catch, because she's so wild and distrustful, and extremely clever, because she would enter the trapper, but would make sure not to touch the bar which would trigger the door to snap shut! This cat would actually dance the tango in there without ever touching the lever!

This is how she Use to look like:

But after about 5 different litters of kittens, this is what she looks like now. I'm going to do everything in my power to get her back to the beautiful cat she once was. I'll post a pic of her when I do it!

Remember when I told you that I had a second kitten that was blind? Well, this his him! He was so wild that the first time I grabbed him so I could check out his eyes, he was so terrified that he scratched and clawed the hell out of my hands and chest. I trapped him also, and took him to my vet to check him out. His problem was, that the goop from his eyes, became like glue to where it was impossible for him to open his eyes. The doctor took care of that. Look what beautiful little eyes he has now! :o)

Here is Davy and Helen Keller. I'm sharing these to pics so you can see EXACTLY how TINY Helen Keller is, who never grew. Both of these cats are ADULTS. As you can see, Helen, who is totally blind, has all the space in the world, but Davy can hardly fit in the little bed I bought a long time ago at the 2nd hand store. They both LOVE it! Of all my 30 something cats, Davy, Helen, Romeo, and Juliet are the only cats I permit in the house. I'll show you pics of Romeo and Juliet later.

All those stuffed animals belong to Davy, Helen, Romeo, Juliet, Jewely and Panchito. They were also purchased for a few bucks at the 2nd hand store.

My baby Helen Keller who love my feathers.

Here again, you can see the difference in size between these two adult cats. They both love my Bratz pillow that I bought a long time ago at the 2nd hand shop for $1.50!

I've been in an extremely good mood. This is why I haven't CONTINUED the story about the B-I-T-C-H, but just as soon as I get into a foul mood, I'll CONTINUE! PROMISE!



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