Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
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Phelps v. USA Waste: Homeless man killed in Dumpster
Cases like this one are the culprits that are DESTROYING AMERICA.

Now the poor employees are supposed to get inside the GIANT dumpsters to hunt for people. This will take hours more per day, to pick up the dumpsters, the drivers will stand a chance of getting some horrible disease, plus the company will lose MILLIONS of dollars. The poor guy's life, who accidently killed this man, will never be the same.

This homeless man had just been released from jail. Although, it saddens me that this poor man lost his life, why was he homeless if he had a son and a sister who apparently had homes? NOW show so much concern for the safety towards their father/brother. If anyone in this matter, THEY are the ONLY ones who ARE responsible for the safety of this man, if so THEY so CHOOSE TO BE RESPONSIBLE!

No wonder all companies are getting the HELL out of the U.S. and going to other countries!

The lawyer of the woman, who is the sister of the dead man, is presenting the case close to tears. If he should win, he'll be smiling from ear to ear, ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.

YES! People suing for ASTRONOMICAL amounts, in order to become instantly RICH through the sweat and intelligence of someone eleses life long LABOR, are leading this country towards the inevitable - THE DEATH OF AMERICA!
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