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High Gas Prices - The Old Lady

1. The old lady that nobody visits.

The old lady that lives across the street from me, the one I invited to my favorite fun place, the cemeteries, the one who has 3 or 4 children who never visit her, the one who lost the key to her front yard gate while we were at one of the cemeteries, the lady who I finally had to jump her fence to get into her house to get the spare key she had inside, has been very sick. I'll use a pseudo name instead of her real name. Although this tiny and frail lady is as sweet as can be, I'll call her Mrs. Havisham. I really can't tell ages when people are very old, so I'll guess she's in her 80's.

I went to visit her this past weekend, and she shared something with me that disturbed me immensely. I always keep things people tell me about their lives to myself, but since none of you know her, I feel I won't be betraying a confidence she told me.

Sobbing uncontrollably, this is what Mrs. Havisham told me:

When her children were growing up, one of her sons (I'll call him Pip) told her that his father had been molesting him. Enraged, she then confronted her husband and told him what Pip had told her. He denied it, but she didn't believe him, so she divorced him.

Many years passed since that day, and her son Pip was then a grown man. As it turns out, Pip was gay and got sick with Aids. On his death bed, he told her he had something he had to tell her before he died. He told her that the accusation he had made about his father was a lie, that he had never molested him, and that the reason he had lied so long ago, was because his father, who had always been very strict with his children, had scolded him terribly for something on that day. He asked her forgiveness, and then Pip died.

The confession came too late, because his father had died years ago, a condemned man by his wife and children, and everyone who knew him.

What she shared with me this past weekend, has affected me terribly. I find myself having terrible feeling for Pip.

Thoughts please.

2. I saw this question on TV, and I don't know the answer:

Who do you think is most to blame for the high price of gas? Optional: Why?

4. I have so much more to share with you about inmates and prison life. No, I have never been in prison or jail. The only laws I've broken in my life is getting tickets for speeding, and once for going around a railroad rail when a train was coming. The cop gave me a terrible scolding, along with a $100.00 ticket. I stuck out my tongue at him! No! I'm no fool! I did it when he turn his back to leave! I felt so brave! :o)

3. I'll continue making this SAME post up until the end of this month. By the end of this month, I'll be deleting some LJ pals from my FList who don't seem to have an interest in their LJ's anymore, and who never seem to read mine, much less comment. It won't be a major cut like I did some months ago (over 200). I'll probably start hunting for brand new LJ friends who will have the same interest I do, which is EVERYTHING on this earth! :o)



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