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Thank you all who responded in my last Journal entry! This is a continuation to the same subject - ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

It's not only a complex issue, but a touchy one, and I'm sure I'll ruffle a few feathers out there.
We all immigrated from somewhere, except for the indians. If I had of been a dog, I'd be considered a mutt for sure.

I have more than a few nationalities which stems from Spain, Mexico, Lebanon and (AMERICA, by the grace of GOD of which I'm most grateful and proud of)! When confronted by strangers, they can't decipher what the hell I am.

So when I speak about this issue, I speak of one of my own nationalities. Mexican.

Welfare recipients consist of people of ALL nationalities, NOT ONLY the Mexicans.

My intentions are not to speak ill of any nationality. As we all know, we all immigrated from somewhere, except for the Indian.

The ones who WILL gain from the exploitation of Mexican labor ARE the rich. Of course, the farmers are not rich, but for example Wal-Mart is (They were caught hiring OODLES of illegal immigrants) and the employers of construction workers are, and the list goes on and ON.

Although I live in Dallas, I was raised in a border city, of which my parents still live in. The grocery clerks, the doctors receptionists, etc. are from Mexico. You won't dare attempt to cross the international bridge a 4 or 5 p m. Our freeways and streets are constantly being repaired because of the destruction (FREE TRADE) caused by the diesels crossing into city. Who pays for the repairs? The tax paying working class. Who benefits from these giant trucks coming from Mexico? The RICH.

As for Mexico, the U.S. needs them desperately, as they need the U.S. because they come to shop. When 9 11 happened, it was just about impossible for Mexicans to enter the U.S. El Paso, Texas just about died. The stores were almost bare and many went out of business. Now, you go to Sam's, Walmart, Costco, etc. and the parking lots are packed with cars, cars with plates from Mexico, spending their money here.
ALL MEXICAN AMERICANS, who have been AMERICANS for generations, and who have lost COUNTLESS family members to Korean, Vietnam, etc. wars, ARE AGAINST President Bush's proposal.

Should this bill pass, these workers will be earning minimum wage. I call it slavery and exploitation by the rich. There's no way they will be able to make ends meet on $5.15 per hour, therefore, they'll need government assistance. Our taxes will go up. The rich won't be affected because they have so many damn tax BREAKS! We, the ones who are struggling don't have that luxury.

Over population and MINIMUM wage equals to poverty and poverty brings crime. More policemen will have to be hired. This means higher taxes.

There will be accidents and this will bring more suits. Who will benefit from this? The lawyers. People suing is the greatest destruction to America. How much longer can this insanity go on?

Also, all Americans who worked in U.S. factories, lost their jobs because the RICH took their factories to Mexico (Slave Labor) Now the RICH to exploit even further by taking their companies overseas, because there, they can pay maybe a couple of dollars and NO INSURANCE to its employees. At least while these factories (maquilladoras) were in Mexico, the U.S. border cities had their business. Overseas we will not see one penny! BELIEVE ME, there are many Mexican Americans how have little education and they ARE READY WILLING AND ABLE to take the factory jobs again. PROBLEM there are no more jobs for this class of Americans.

As for food stamps, I see PEOPLE of ALL nationalities with them. It angers me to go to the grocery store and see the baskets of these welfare recipients filled to the brim with EXPENSIVE cuts of steaks and everything else I only dream of. I follow a budget and buy lots of ground beef, pastas and beans. It's not that I would want any American to go hungry, but I do believe they should be given just a little, to where they will have to look for sales, cut coupons, and buy ground beef, etc., just like I do. It angers me to see some of them with grand looking cars and here I am with an old clunker that leaves me stranded more often than not. It angers me that I have to stock up from Mexico on antibiotics, Vicks, etc., for winter colds and here the welfare recipient only has to sneeze to rush to the doctor. I can't afford these things. I am a diabetic and GOD forbid I become seriously ill. A friend of mine has her own small beauty shop and her blood sugar went sky high. She had to be taken to Emergency. She was there 4 hours and her bill came out to over $7,000.00. It's going to take her YEARS to pay this bill and now says that she will have to JUST DIE next time around. She has always worked, has NEVER had a hand out and now she's being screwed, just because she got sick. WHAT THE HELL GOES ON HERE!

By and by, I recently had a 30 X 40 building built in the 2nd acre of my yard. One half is a garage and the other a beautiful room which is my business office. Should I want to rent that room in the future, I'll be able to for extra income. The reason I bring this up is because it only cost me about $$$$ and was built by Mexican Americans who worked fast and who did an excellent job. Mexicans are hard workers. If Bush brings about his proposed policy, then these AMERICAN CITIZEN men, and many others will have to accept minimum wage because the illegal immigrant will do the job for a lot CHEAPER.

There are MANY illegal immigrants from every country in the world. Being here illegally is a crime. Why would our government want to reward them by making them legal?

I come from a die hard Democrat family, but when 9 11 came about, and I saw how President Bush handled the situation, he became my HERO. He still is, in that respect, but I am totally against this immigration proposal. I believe President Bush could care less for the HISPANIC population and the only reason he's wanting this immigration proposal is because he wants the Latin vote. I spoke to fast when I stated I wouldn't vote for him next year. I take it back by stating here that only time will tell, whether I vote for him next year. If Bush continues pushing for this INSANE proposal, I know for FACT, that he will NOT RECEIVE VOTES FROM THE MEXICAN AMERICAN POPULATION.

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