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Me? Shy?! :o)

Wow! I’m feeling a little shy making this post, since it’s been so long since I’ve made one.

So many things have been happening in my life, that I sometimes feel I’m going nuts! For once in my life, I’ve become totally and completely overwhelmed with life.

First let me thank [info]tatoodevil for this beautiful container that holds these very informative DVD’s! Thank you so much Sweety Pie! I REALLY loved it!

I’ll share in small posts the things that have been happening, and will be replying to the many romantic and sexy guys who left posts in my Screen Forever Post. Never did I realize I had LJ friends who are such perfectionists at love making, and romance! Oh my goodness!! :o)

Let me see, I found another STRAY, and never in a million years will you guess what it is! No, it’s not an elephant, but it’s even stranger than if it had been an elephant! I’ll never understand why these things happen to me! I promise I’ll post a pic of IT. Can any of you kids guess what IT is?:o)

So, what else is new? I’m now the owner of 30 something cats! You’ll never believe who had ONE kitten that died immediately. Yes, my Little Helen Keller, my blind tiny cat who never grew up!! I just couldn’t figure out why my front porch was splattered with blood, until I saw this tiny newborn kitten close to the steps that was dead. I knew that that clever white cat that never has let me trap her to have her spayed had had her FIVE kittens 4 or 5 weeks ago. I found the answer when I saw Helen’s little bottom all bloodied. I recently took her to the vet to have her fixed!! Guess what again!! One of the five kittens is also blind!!

I realized that one of the 3 original cats, the cats that started this whole cat mess on me, was never neutered. This cat came home recently with half of his body skinned, and most of his tail gone. I was able to trap him and took him to the vet. The vet has no idea what happened to him, but he gave him a shot and rubbed some ointment on him, and bandaged him. He didn’t neuter him because he was too injured. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch the stinker, along with the white female cat that’s bombarded me with so many kittens in the past! I'll have to start all over again by taking these 5 new kittens to have fixed. I've had every single cat fixed, except for those 2 I mentioned. But what good does it do if I have a cat factory with 2 of them?!

I need to find the time to go and shop for presents for those darlings who have sent me so many gifts! I’ve kept putting it off, because I want to take time in choosing something really nice. I have NOT forgotten!

I’ll soon share something about that man who spent 13 years in prison, and who after paying his debt to society, I permitted to stay at my house for a week, so he could get to his hometown in CA., and what happened to my ceiling. Yes, Murphy's Law paid me a visit! And about the relatives from HELL, and about a death, and about my recent trip to a special place, with pics.

Oh, and to those who gave me a nudge or two, I really appreciate it!



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