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Matt Lauer : If it's working (surge) Senator, do you now have a better estimate of when American forces can come home from Iraq.
MCCAIN: "No, but that's NOT TOO IMPORTANT, what's important is the casualties in Iraq..."

What a damn contradition, but it's nothing new; he CONSTANTLY contradicts himself! He says what's important is the CASUALTIES in Iraq. How can there NOT be more CASUALTIES if it's "NOT TOO IMPORTANT" when they can come home from Iraq?!! The LONGER they stay in Iraq, the MORE MUCKING CASUALTIES there will be!

And lets not forget his, you-didn't-serve-in-the-military HAR HAR, so you have no right to question me when it comes to the military!

My brother served in Iraq for an entire year. Trust me when I tell you that it IS EXTREMELY important, not only to them, but their families, when American forces can come home from Iraq. This man just doesn't get it, that our soldiers in Iraq are NOT little mechanical robots, but flesh and blood human beings who COUNT the days to come back home!

We're on NOT on the verge of RECESSION, but a DEPRESSION, and the ONLY thing this man has on his mind is WAR!

By and by, I will NOT use delicate tissue paper words when expressing my thoughts on this man, and will NOT stop, just because he served in Vietnam! My dad did, too, as did countless others who NEVER made it back home!!

With McCain we are DOOMED! Thank God Obama will be our next President, and MARK MY WORDS, he is!!

On another note, was I dreaming or something about Bush suddenly wanting to portray himself as a nice guy? Does anybody know something about it?



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Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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