Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

McCain & Mars, Let's Face the Ugly Truth, Catfight

1. Let's face the ugly truth!

I was out in a public place yesterday, when I overheard this disgusting girl telling this other person some pretty profane stuff about my Obama. I will not repeat them here, because her comments were so very repulsive. I lost total control and approached her, and after a few words between us, we came just a hairline from having an actual physical cat fight!

The issue of RACE has hell of a lot to do with a lot of Americans when it comes to Obama running for president!

Obama has withstood incredible odds against those who cannot fathom an African American becoming President of the U.S., and I'm POSITIVE more false accusations, and despicable things will be said about him from now until November!

2. McCain would like to see a man on Mars and said he "would be willing to spend more taxpayers' dollars" to continue the program but argued that NASA must do a better job of inspiring the American public, as when it sent a man to the moon in 1969.

"I am intrigued by a man on Mars and I think that it would excite the imagination of the American people if we can say, 'Hey, here's what it looks like,"
he said.

"We know that now, and here's what may be there and let's all join in that project. I think Americans would be very willing to do that."

Hey McCain, I for one am NOT willing at all. How about we first start working on PLANET EARTH with OUR TAX DOLLARS, before we start spending it on MARS!!
McCain would like to see a man on PLANET MARS!!

3. Remember a few months ago, I predicted an oncoming DEPRESSION? I pray I'm wrong, but I am now POSITIVE we'll experience a bad one very soon!

Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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