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It's YOUR Fault!

Stole this from [info]tatoodevil

This is a family who wants $$$... lots and lots and LOTS of $$$!

Family of boy hit by baseball holds onto hope

Did they forget somebody else to sue?! If so, I'm sure they'll remember to add at least a couple of more poor souls to their list of "It's YOUR Fault!"

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May. 21st, 2008 10:53 pm (UTC)
So whose fault is it?

May. 21st, 2008 10:59 pm (UTC)
I think it's
Murphy's Law!
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May. 21st, 2008 10:55 pm (UTC)
Interesting. When I was playing softball as a kid, they used aluminum bats because they said they were safer than wooden bats which could break and send splinters airborne. Funny that they chose the bat manufacturer rather than the league that chose to use the bats in the first place.

My question is why did it take 10-15 minutes for EMTs to reach the kid with oxygen, as the article said?
May. 21st, 2008 11:08 pm (UTC)
It’s a good thing that arrow didn’t ricochet and hit him. If this had happened, parents would haved have sued the bow and arrow company, the company from which the bricks came from, the company from which the cement came from, and the brick layer!

As for EMT, I'm sure these parents haven't thought about it, but I'm sure they'll eventually remember and add them to the $$$ list!
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May. 21st, 2008 10:56 pm (UTC)
I can appreciate the family's grief, but if it was so fucking dangerous, why did they allow their child to participate.

Hey, Timmy, go run out onto the interstate and if you get run over by a truck, well, we'll sue the truck manufacturer for building something that can hurt a child.
May. 21st, 2008 11:17 pm (UTC)
My sentiments go out to the boy, and they'd also go out to the parents, but since they're obviously trying to become fithy rich through their son's unfortunate ACCIDENT, I really can't say anything nice about them.

I'm surprised they still haven't sued the boy who accidently hit a line drive into the boy's chest, and the company that made the baseball!
(no subject) - sonofabish - May. 21st, 2008 11:21 pm (UTC) - Expand
May. 21st, 2008 11:11 pm (UTC)
I bet it was my fault =o) it always is

PS nice Pic :o)

Edited at 2008-05-21 11:14 pm (UTC)
May. 21st, 2008 11:18 pm (UTC)
Careful now, or they'll sue you to! :o)

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May. 21st, 2008 11:52 pm (UTC)
This is why there needs to be legistlation against lawyers and these stupid ass lawsuits! It is more a problem of the fact that he was denied oxygen If a guy that was trained in cpr had to jump the fence to help. Why out of all those people weren't a single one trained in cpr as well? It would be more prudent to sue the league for not having the coaches or any of the game volunteers trained in cpr and rescue breathing. Hell the parents are just as much at fault for not being cpr qualifed as well. Shit if i had children i know both me and my wife would be. So what was their excuse? I seem to recall that is something called an accident which clearly appears to be the reason for him being brain damaged. It sucks that it is going to cost millions to care for him. Maybe one of these worthless presidential candidates will do something about it.
May. 22nd, 2008 01:04 pm (UTC)
I am against new laws, Texas put a cap on medical lawsuits, and now juries have a cap on how mush they can award NO MATTER how expensive the medical bills are/were. Generally these friv. lawsuits do not make it through the scruitiny of a jury....lets keep letting our peers decide.

ALSO the ins. industry has put out a LOT of propaganda to convince people that lawsuits are bad....worse than they really are, so they can keep more $$.

Example: you know that classic example of McDonald's hot coffee in the lap? Well what they don't tell you is that prior to that incident that particular McDOnalds had recieved written warning from health dept stating that they were serving their coffee too hot. Translate:SMOKING GUN. And they lady had serious burns, in her croth....OUCH.
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May. 22nd, 2008 04:08 am (UTC)
hey playgirl, i saw our angel up close in Tampa today. Check my lj for a full report

: : : : swoon:: : : : : :
May. 22nd, 2008 06:07 pm (UTC)
I just did, and I'm glad I did, because I got a first hand view from someone who was actually there, with OUR Angel!!
May. 22nd, 2008 04:09 am (UTC)
Wow... I never knew little league was so dangerous. Too bad the kid didn't die, as heartless as that may seem. It's just that the family would be better off.

No amount of money is going to bring back their kid. So, I seriously doubt they're suing for the money. They lost their kid! And they want retribution. If their lawsuit some how makes the sport safer for kids, then I'm all for it. But, that can only be discovered by this lawsuit. So, it's only logical to take on the entire industry to resolve the issue, if there indeed is one. And kids dying from injuries in the game is pretty strong evidence that there are issues that need to be resolved.

Basically, playing in little league shouldn't be a life or death situation.

P.S. You have a typo: It should be "Your," not "You're."
May. 22nd, 2008 08:50 pm (UTC)
ALL sports are dangerous
Every single sport CAN be a life threatening situation: Skateboarding, skating, ice skating, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, wrestling, karate, swimming, skating, track, and gymnastics, Snowmobiling, and even P.E. in schools are DANGEROUS! So, what is the solution to keep kids safe from accidents? Should all these sports become illegal? If an ACCIDENT occurs, should everyone instantly be sued?

The parents of this boy, I’m sure realized the dangers of playing in ANY thing called a SPORT, and still permitted him to play.

Of course no amount of money will restore their son back to the way he was, which saddens me to know end.

It upsets me that these parents are searching every one possible to blame, and sue. I wonder just how much money they’re asking for; bet it’s A LOT!! Someone here brought up a question as to why the parents didn’t know how to perform CPR. I mean Dave, even I know CPR for all of my 4-legged babies should the need arise! These parents should also take responsibility for never having learned the procedure. Had they taken the time, I’m sure the consequences would have been much more different than what they turned out to be for the poor boy. So, why not sue themselves, also?

This country SUES for every single thing, some have a true case, but so many other constantly try and think of ways for becoming rich at the expense of someone else. This is why EVERYTHING is so outrageously expensive, and this is just one of the many reasons companies are going across the border or overseas.

As for the boy surviving, I’m glad he did. I’ll give you the example of my little Helen Keller who was born blind. What kind of a life is that for a little cat? But I took her under my wings, and have been caring for her ever since. Although, she is blind, she has brought me such joy! Of course, there’s no comparison between a little cat and a boy, but what I’m trying to convey to you is, that the parents are overjoyed that their son didn’t die, because those little hugs and kisses he tries to give them, mean the world to them. I’m a firm believer that where there’s life, everything is possible.
Re: ALL sports are dangerous - tigron_x - May. 23rd, 2008 05:40 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - playgirl - May. 22nd, 2008 10:37 pm (UTC) - Expand
May. 22nd, 2008 07:42 am (UTC)
A sad tale, though... :(
May. 22nd, 2008 05:46 pm (UTC)
Yes, it is very sad, but we can't go suing everyone for what was obviously an accident.
May. 22nd, 2008 12:22 pm (UTC)
Eh! Life.

Shit happens.

The parents are rightly seeking damages against everyone that had anything to do with the use of the metal bat in that game. That's their job as parents. Don't forget that in less than 4 years that kid will be a legal "adult". They have to do whatever they can do to assure his financial future... and theirs... because he will never be able to be on his own.

If that bat, the use of such bats, is an ongoing and unreasonable safety concern for kids, then more power to them. Me, I don't see that at all. I really don't.

** remembers playing baseball with a metal pipe as a kid **

As for this social and economic situation mentioned in other replies, well, yeah and no. In the past a person who was kicked in the head by a cow, a mule, or hit by a car, was taken home to die slowly in bed. There was nothing else to be done. Families were ruined if it was the dad in that bed. Communities would come together to help those families. Sometimes.

It has always cost money to save lives since the dawn of the medical profession. The kid would have died without a hospital unit full of expensive equipment and expensively trained people. A midwife couldn't have saved him. Farmer Joe who knows a lot about healing couldn't have saved him either. It costs money to beat mother nature, to bypass natural selection, to survive what is naturally not something you can survive.

Universal Heathcare. Ummm. Yeah. I agree with it. Mostly. I believe that everyone should be afforded healthcare. I also believe that everyone, even a lazy slob, deserves to be fed. In my personal thoughts about morality I don't believe that medical anything should be a for-profit business. Having said that, taking it up a step, the next logical opinion then must be that food production should not be a for-profit business. More people need food than they need medical treatment.


I don't know the answer. Communism doesn't work, capitalism doesn't work, and I've yet to see a healthy mix of either. Not for everyone. Not for every need.

I have to say though... too many people go into the medical profession for the money rather for any real desire to help people.

Watch that old film with Cary Grant, People Will Talk (1951). They touch on the same issues we are having with the medical profession today.

I had to say that, the movie. You know me. ;)
May. 22nd, 2008 06:32 pm (UTC)
** remembers playing baseball with a metal pipe as a kid **

I remember being hit by a flying bat while playing baseball. I also remember sitting on the grass watching all the football players practice. I also recall ALL of them running my way and landing on top of me! Oh, and not too long ago, I remember a giant teepee at the 2nd hand store falling on top of my head and getting a bump on my head half the size of a golf ball, and I remember slipping into the bathtub, head first, and seeing a bunch of little stars! :o)

I have to say though... too many people go into the medical profession for the money rather for any real desire to help people.

I agree! I’ve made a post before, about my thoughts on this topic, and will eventually do so again.

You are definitely a Classical Movie connoisseur! I once watched this movie, I believe it was on the Turner Classic channel. Sadly, I turned the TV on when the movie was just about over, so I didn’t get the name. It was incredible, and I’ve never forgotten it to this day, and would love to see it from beginning. Perhaps you’ll know which movie I’m talking about.

These people were on a ship, and it turns out to be that they were already dead but didn’t know it. When they finally realized it, the time came where each and everyone of them had to personally confront the God to find if they’d be sent to hell or heaven. There was this elderly rich couple where the husband had always been a good compassionate man, so God sent him to heaven. The wife had always been a pompous old bitch and was sent to hell.

Would you happen to know the name of this wonderful movie?
(no subject) - symian - May. 22nd, 2008 11:59 pm (UTC) - Expand
Between Two Worlds - playgirl - May. 23rd, 2008 09:11 pm (UTC) - Expand
Re: Between Two Worlds - symian - May. 24th, 2008 05:45 pm (UTC) - Expand
May. 23rd, 2008 12:37 am (UTC)
off topic...
just sent you a box in the mail

no diamonds or anything expensive so dont get too excited ;)

May. 23rd, 2008 09:04 pm (UTC)
Re: off topic...
I'll keep an eye out for it.

I'm glad they're not diamonds, because I'm not a diamond type of girl.

If you send me a strand of your hair, or a dried rose petal you thought was beautiful, I'll be excited and will treasure just as if it were a diamond! :o)
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