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I am ashamed to admit to all of you that I have absolutely no recollection of the 2000 or 2004 presidential elections, and this coming November will be the very first time I’ll have voted for a President. I’ve developed a sudden interest in politics, and the person I must thank for this is Barack Obama. The first time I laid eyes on this man, and heard him speak, I was instantly drawn to this beautiful and wonderful man!

My dear friend [info]dlanor, asked me this question a few days ago: "Who are you really? Just how liberal do you consider yourself? I am just curious. I thought at one time you appeared to be much more conservative."

I found I couldn’t answer Ron’s question, because I found myself not knowing at all who exactly I was. Ever since he posed that question to me, I’ve been digging deeply into myself to see what I actually believed in to answer his question. Below, I’ve made a list of the things I TRULY believe in, but I still don’t know who I really am, so I’ll ask you all: WHO AM I REALLY?

1. I'm open-minded.

2. I despise people who aren’t Color Blind. I have found that MANY of these people have just as poor English skills, and a limited English vocabulary as I do! Can't they see that 100 years from now, we'll all be DUST IN THE WIND, and none of the living will know we even existed here on earth. I believe in freedom for all people, no matter what their sexual orientation, race, nationalities, or religious beliefs may be. Oh, and I believe we're all created EQUAL!

3. I despise Sean Hannity and the rest of his ilk. I find them to be hate mongers, warmongers and LIARS! It infuriates me, it enrages me like a mad dog when Bill O’Reilly accuses those who want this war to end, as UNAMERICAN’S who hate America!

4. I believe in gay rights, I am for gay marriage. I believe they have the same rights we heterosexual’s do.

5. I believe in the right to bear arms.

6. I am Pro-Life, yet believe Government and the Catholic religion have right no right, and no business dictating what a woman can, and cannot do with her body. I believe there are other ways of trying to instill to women why they should choose life for their babies.

7. I despise judgmental religious zealots, and those who use phrases such as "Family VALUES," and "They're not our kind." These are the people who oftentimes have more POO in their dirty little diapers than those they judge. I'll give you a few examples; a handful of priests who have given the rest of the GOOD ones a bad name, Craig, and Swaggart for starters!

8. I do not believe in evolution.

9. Although I've never been married, I believe couples should remain 100% faithfully devoted to each other, until death do them part!

10. I am against Capital Punishment, yet I am extremely overjoyed to find that Madeline O'Hare was gruesomely murdered by having her nasty body chopped up into a million little pieces and Waters, the man responsible for it, should have been given a medal instead of prison time! I do believe that those who have been proven guilty, without a shadow of a doubt, of causing such horrible atrocities to little children's bodies, and even going so far as murdering them, should have every part of their private parts SLOWLY sliced off with a tiny razor blade!!

11. I'm KIND OF against government-funded programs. Let me explain. I believe Welfare should be accessible to AMERICAN citizens who have lost their jobs, or have been confronted by some catastrophe, BUT only for a couple of months until they can get back to WORK, just like the rest of us. I do believe people who are severely debilitated due to some illness or mental problems (our homeless, Vets) should be helped en every way by our government. Welfare abuse infuriates me, especially when I'm at the grocery check out stand paying for a pound of cheap ground beef to cook dishes that will last me ALL week, and watching the next person pull out her Lone Star Card to pay for a bunch of T-Bone steaks!

12. I DO NOT want FREE medical heath care for those who have NEVER worked because they've chosen NOT to work, but I DO want more affordable to health care for American citizens who DO work.

13. I am for Labor Unions.

14. I believe 100% in Freedom of Speech and expression.

15. I believe money talks, even in the justice system.

16. I believe in the wisdom of our forefathers when they created our Constitution, and it scares to death when a fool; a dangerous ignorant fool attempt to change it!!

17. I believe in the right to sue for some JUST cause such as a death due to negligence, such as was the case with my mother who should NOT have died, but did way before her time due negligence, and for this FACT, I sued and won, yet I am TOTALLY against frivolous lawsuits and believe those who do this, should be heavily fined. Many of you already know that I also sued my city and won. Not for money, but for the RETURN of what was legally MINE!! I will soon post an update on this, along with pictures.

18. Although, I now find myself TOTALLY against this war, I do believe our country must ALWAYS have a strong military. I’d ALWAYS add my little JOIN THE ARMY icon here in my LJ, along with the link because I was for this war in the beginning when we were suppose to go GET Osama bin Laden, but instead ended up in Iraq slaughtering 100's of thousands of innocent men, women and children, not to mention over 4,000 of our beloved American soldiers who have lost their lives for NOTHING, and the 1000's upon 1,000's of our soldiers who are now maimed for life.

19. Although I didn't vote for the man, I did once stand behind President Bush 100% right after 911, but now find he's a stubborn, self-centered dangerous fool with a 27% or something approval rating, who has just about destroyed our country.

20. I am TOTALLY against illegal aliens in this country, and of course, I am AGAINST amnesty for those illegally in this country.

21. I am TOTALLY against the Patriot Act.

22. I feel we're being taxed to death, and the government isn't spending our tax dollars frugally or wisely.

23. I love America with all my heart and soul, and as God is my witness, so much so that I'd gladly give up my life for this country I am so blessed to live in.

24. I AM a rebel.

WHO AM I REALLY? Can you help me answer the question?


Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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