Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein

While Saddam Hussein was in power, all he had to do was sign a few scribbles on a sheet of paper to have whomever he pleased, including his own men, murdered.

Now that this man has been caught, hiding in a hole, he surrenders while making sure his pleas are heard by his captors, that he's unarmed and will not fight.
Saddams son's preferred fighting to the death, than being captured alive.

Saddam could have done the same, or could have shot his brains out before capture. After all, he did have a gun and the silver bullet in his possession for this exact purpose. As Zapata once said, "Vale mas morir de pie que vivir de rodillas toda la vida." "It's better to die on your feet, than to live forever on your knees." One would have thought that this 6' 2" amazon of a man, with his big big wide shoulders, who committed such atrocities, for so many years, through his heinous crimes, and who held no value for other's lives, would readily choose death, like a MAN, when captured. I hope that all who lived in terror of this dictator, can now see what a disgrace he turned out to be. The final hour eventually came for this monster to show his true colors to his own people and to the world, by showing how DEAR his own life is for him.

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