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So much to SHOW and TELL, and so little time...

1. I've already deleted 30 people from my Flist. Still have more to delete. There were some who had been on my list for a very long time, and I took it so badly that I actually lost sleep last night because I was so heartbroken, even though they could give a damn about it! I added two brand new ones who would like to be LJ friends. I'm so happy that one is a girl from Saudi Arabia!

2. I've been meaning to share with you my thoughts on something that's happening close by on a daily basis. I'm pretty brave, but I'm not a fool, so, since I live so close to it, the post will be FRIENDS ONLY for my own protection.

3. Next posts, I'll be posting pictures of all the gifts I received on Valentine's Day from LJ friends. I've been so damn RUDE to put it off this long, but I've been so wrapped up in trying to survive, due to the economy, that I just haven't had the time. I know, this is no excuse what-so-ever! Oh, and I'm going to post a pic of the MYSTERY LETTER that traveled through gawd knows where, for almost a YEAR until it reached a destination!! Why do these things happen only to me?! :o)


This is also a bit of a mystery!

I took quite a few pics this past winter of something I saw in the sky, right above my house, which I found to be pretty bizarre and forbidding.

I'd totally forgotten about it until yesterday evening, while driving back home from work. I looked up in the sky and saw 3 airplanes flying pretty close to one another and at the rear (tail) of each plane; there was some thick white smoke like gases coming out. The airplanes were so high up in the sky, that they were barely visible. (Although, I have a touch of stigmatism in one eye, NOTHING escapes me ever, because I do have 15 20 eye vision! :o) I was able to get a much better look when finally had to exit the freeway. There were hundreds upon hundreds of long white cloud like fluffy lines for miles throughout the entire sky. This was on the Westside of the city where it's high, mountainous, desert like, making it possible to view just about everything. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera, or I would have taken pictures!!

I suddenly remembered the pictures I'd taken this past winter, and they looked just like the lines I'd seen yesterday, only the single line I saw directly over my back yard, was so close that if I felt that had I been able to stretch a couple of hundred feet, I could have actually touched it.

You will find two of the pictures here. I've cropped them and made them as small as possible, and the quality of the pics are purposely very poor, so it won't take long to download for those who wish to see them.

Although, I didn't actually see an airplane, I thought an airplane had crashed. When you see the pics, you'll see why. The thick pure white, incredibly wide line that you'll see remained intact 30 or 40 minutes later.

These pictures do no justice as to what I saw above my house that day. The sun looked a little strange, also.




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