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Hal beemkanek mosa’adati?

Sabah el kheer!
Hal beemkanek mosa’adati?
orido ta3aloum alogha al 3arabia

1. Seriously, I nearly dropped dead!

I opened my front door this morning and when I stepped out, I barely missing stepping on something bloody and tinier than a newborn mouse. It was a newborn kitten. What the hell! That white cat I’ve been trying to catch for God knows how long, to have spayed, had FIVE kittens a few weeks ago! Where did this one come from? Then I saw blood droplets all over my porch, and that’s when I saw more kittens!! And guess who was with them?!

My little Helen Keller, the blind tiny cat that I call my miracle cat because she was supposed to have died a very long time ago. My little Helen Keller is the only cat, along with Davy, who I keep inside my house most of the time. I just can’t understand who the asshole Tom Cat is that’s causing me such distress. I have had every single Tom, Dick and Harry cat neutered, along with every single female cat, except for that white female cat that’s been IMPOSSIBLE to trap.

A couple of months ago, I noticed that Helen looked a little chubby around the middle, and started wondering if she was pregnant, but NAH, I quickly dismissed the insane idea, because she’s so tiny, and she’s blind. Anyway, she later regained her girlish figure, and that was that.

I picked her up because I just couldn’t believe she’d be the Mama of these brand new kittens. My heart sank when I saw her little rear end all bloody. Just as soon as it's time, I'm taking her to be fixed IMMEDIATELY!!

Between Helen and the white cat, I now have an added 9 more kittens (the total would be 12 more, but three of the white cat's kittens died). I think this makes the grand total of cats in my front yard of 39 cats, maybe 41!! This doesn’t include the EIGHT outdoor dogs, and TWO indoor dogs I own. I’ve had ALL the dogs spayed and neutered, even my little Jewely who was recently fixed. The only one that still has his little balls is Panchito, but I’m not worried, because Jewely is now fixed, and besides, she never liked him in that way; she has always been in love with her stuffed Teddy Bear that’s quickly disintegrating! Seriously!

I'm really not complaining, and I love them to DEATH, BUT!! do you realize I spend THREE full hours from my two days off from work, scrubbing their giant water and food bowls, bathing them in the Summer, and cleaning my back and front yard from pet POO, (If I could sell it, I'd be a RICH B-I-T-C-H!) and I spend 10 times more money on pet food than I do for Grandpa and myself?! Do you know I spend a fortune on vet bills? Thank God I have health (HUMAN) insurance, and that I’m healthy, and have the teeth of a healthy horse, or else I just don’t know what I would have done. And thank God I can go to Juarez, Mexico to buy medication for Grandpa should he need it, and that I’ve got a nice trunk to my car, and that if I had balls, they’d be made out of steel!!

2. By and by, sometime ago, I deleted over 100 LJ people from my FList. I already have a list of 50 more that will be DELETED by tomorrow morning, and I'll be adding MANY more to my list to have deleted sometime this week. I want to continue shortening my FList so I may start interacting as I should with the ones who have found me interesting enough to intermingle with me here in my LJ.

Since I began this LJ, I believe I've been deleted by over 500 LJ people (lost count) for whatever reason, so for those who are reading this, if you’ve rarely if ever commented to my posts, and have been contemplating deleting me, now is the perfect time to do so.

3. [info]prader asked me these questions about my Forums:

How much does a forum like that one cost to set up? (I've been thinking about doing something just like how you have yours but for a writing project)

I will try to answer as best i can, these questions in my next post, if more of you are interested to know how I went about it.
Political Chat Forums

4. Last but in no way least! Thank you my darling [info]weathermanphil
for that EXPLOSIVE VGift Card! I'm still rocking and rolling from sheer joy! :o)

5. I'll SOON post the pics of all those lovely snail mail gifts, and Vgift LJ Cards I received for Valentine's Day from my LJ friends! Every single one of you is thought of each and every day, because they're right next to my computer at home! And one is so big, that I keep it on top of the sofa/couch! If you kids are reading this, and wish to remain anonymous, let me know! Not only do I consider you, but also all those LJ friends who have remained faithful to me (since I am obviously NUTS), gifts from up above, and I love you all very much, too!

There is one person who sent me some snail mail gifts for Valentine's Day, but ended up offending me terribly by asking me if the gifts weren't expensive enough because of... To YOU: Since I've never been a MATERIAL GIRL, I've never judged a gift for its monetary value. Sorry but I'm not for sale, not for a penny nor a million bucks!

Enough of all this mushy stuff. When I get started, I just don't know when to stop, but it all comes from my heart! I WILL be sending you kids your little gift, which will be sent SOON with much love!

Dabadibo - Mostafa Kamar
Ethib Arabic museeqa?


Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!
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