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FINALLY! The Political Forum is ready!
Here's the link, and I hope you kids

I hope it becomes more popular when it's
spidered by the search engines. Hopefully,
it will be soon. Here's the link:

Some have asked why my birthday is suddenly in May, instead of December, and I feel I owe you an explanation.

As many of you know, I was a victim of violent crime shortly after I had turned 13 years old. It happened in the month of May. After that incident, so long ago, never again could I celebrate my birthday in that month, because I felt that May was the month I was born into this world, but the month I had also died. I chose the month of December to call the name of my birthday ever since.

After starting some counciling in the beginning of this year, I've been able to better cope with the memory of the vicious violence I experienced as such a young age. I can now feel a little more comfortable with the month of MAY. I STILL sleep with my gun under my bed, BUT! I haven't wet my bed anymore! YAY!

And now on to much happier moments in my life:

Thank you [info]ayoub for the vgifts bubbly birthday card! Hiccup! ;o)

Thank you [info]moon_shine for the lovely birthday rose! :o)

Thank you [info]scottj32 for wishing me a happy birthday! No, you weren't the first, but you're the first to make me say WOW! when I saw your pic! ;o)

Thank you [info]uglyface2 for wishing me a happy birthday! :o)

Thank you [info]fourcorners for wishing me a happy birthday! :o)

Thank you [info]jblaque for wishing me a happy birthday! :o)

And thank you, LJ friend who wishes to remain ANONYMOUS, for a most touching gift which literally brought tears to my eyes! NEVER for as long as I live, will I forget this gift from you!

"In recognition of your birthday and your altruistic selflessness, I've donated A HIVE OF BEES in your name."

"Somewhere out there, a village of people are learning to make honey and getting nourishment and getting the ability to subsist on bee-farming.

All because of you.

God bless you and happy birthday."


Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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