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I've finally created and perfected the THINGY I've been talking about. I won't be calling it a THINGY anymore, because it's a FORUM: PLAYGIRL'S S-E-X FORUM.

I'll be placing the link a few times more, just to make sure everyone sees it. If you'd like to participate, and I hope you do, you can create a user name, or post anonymously.

The anonymous feature will most likely be temporary, since some people do tend to spam when anonymous posting is accessible. I'll see what happens.

Remember kids, it is TOTALLY free. I'll soon be adding my affiliate banners to make money. I DO NOT want my LJ friend's business. I DO NOT need your business, because it always comes from total strangers who find sites through search engines. Anyway, I’ll only share this with you, because I love you; these affiliates are a complete waste of money and I DO NOT want my darling LJ friends wasting one red cent of their hard earned money! I MEAN IT!

Since I've FINALLY learned to create forums, I've very recently bought me some more domains; one each on RELIGION (SPANISH), RECIPES (SPANISH) which [info]donchep unknowingly gave me the idea! :o) And one on POLITICS (ENGLISH). I'm now working on this POLITICAL FORUM which will have topics I find just as interesting as SEX! :o) These topics will consist of:

1. Politics:
Government, Politics for liberals & conservatives, US & World News & Current affairs.

2. Abortion: Pro-Choice Pro-Life
Debates on Pro-Choice vs. Anti-Abortion issues, and a women's right to choose.

Where we can have debates on crime and punishment, Capital Punishment, life without parole issues, anti-death penalty advocates, Pro-Death Penalty, Cruel and Unusual Punishment, and death row inmates.

4. Illegal Aliens/Illegal Immigrants:
Illegal Immigration, the Border fence, border security, NAFTA, Border Fence between the U.S. and Mexico

5. Debate on Global Warming

6. Debate on the right to die.

As I mentioned before, I was lucky enough or perhaps UNLUCKY, to buy TWO domains with OBAMA’S name: One of them is PRESIDENTOBAMA, and the 2nd one is even better! This is how CONFIDENT I am that my Angel OBAMA is going to win!! :o)

[info]uglyface2 and [info]donchep were nice enough to bring something to my attention of which I knew nothing when I purchased them. Hopefully, I’ll be able to create the OBAMA forum without any legal problems, and if not, I’ll get it on the internet and give you the link immediately. :o)

[info]uglyface2, [info]donchep, if you’re reading this post, please tell me what you think about the OBAMA domain name. Think I’ll have problems?



Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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