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ECONOMY, OBAMA, House Investments

First of all, Sean Hannity, how you LOVE to SMEAR Obama, AND Hillary Clinton’s name!

I LOVE YOU OBAMA, and I BELIEVE in YOU! God bless you!

I’ve been busier than ever!

Three brothers, a cousin and I bought these two California houses almost 3 years ago as an investment. We have been dividing the monthly mortgage payments among the 4 of us. Although these we've been renting these houses out, we still have to pay out of our own pockets some money on the mortgages. This is suddenly not the case anymore, because one of my brothers has been laid off from his job, due to the constant downfall of our economy. What this means is, that we now have to pay our brother's share until he gets a job.

I've not only been paying my share of the mortgages, but also paying on an old house in E.P. we bought as an investment because it's located very close to a medical school that should hopefully open soon. My brothers decided they wanted no part of it from the beginning, so I bought them out, and have been making payments on it by myself. The payments aren't that much, since I've been renting out the ugly old shack. I've held on to this house because I know the property value will go up quite a bit when the school opens, and then I'll sell it. If this ever comes to be, I know they'll throw the house down and use it as a parking space, or build some small medical building.

Aside from all of this, I still have to come up every year with the property taxes on my own home in E.P. The value on my home has doubled in 3 years, and so have my property taxes! I also rent out a tiny room for very little money, which is connected to my garage way in the back of my backyard.

Since the beginning of March, not only have I been working at my full time job, but have also been working on re-doing one of my family friendly domains, so I can get more traffic. I've also been working on a new SPANISH domain I recently bought, which will be something like my SPANISH domain, which has quite a lot of traffic from all the Latin American countries.

I'm also studying some more C++ books I recently bought, and have been studying them like crazy, because I really want to create something very special, which I believe will hopefully make me some money. Of course, it will be free for all of you, and everyone who participates, but I will have affiliate links on it.

If I fail at all these things, I have everything to lose. My ADVICE to you is, hold on to EVERY penny you can, because we ARE in a recession, and I honestly believe that our economy is going to go from BAD, to WORSE! Just remember, you really don't need FANCY new stuff! Just do with what you already have!

Many of you know of these California houses, but for those new LJ friends I now have, this is what I'm talking about:

Oceanside, Costa Mesa Houses

This is the EYE SORE that's very close to the medical school in E.P.

These are the C++ books I've recently added to this collection, and have been going crazy trying to comprehend!:

Join The NRA

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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