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I can't even begin to fathom just how much a billion dollars is. I once read that if you line up a billion one dollar bills, they can circle the earth.

I have no idea how many billions of dollars have been spent on the war in Iraq, but I'm sure they are many. Why can't we just put an end on this war and bring our soldiers back home? This would save so many of their lives. All these billions could be spent here in the U.S. for:

1. Affordable health care - There are so many Americans who don't have insurance because their company doesn't provide it, and without it, it's impossible for them to get the care they need for serious or terminal illness.

Spend some serious money on research for finding cures for so many different types of terminal illnesses.

2. Affordable education - Why is it so outrageously expensive for a person to go to a University? These expenses aren't a problem for kids who come from rich or very poor families, but for the rest, who somehow reach their goal to graduate, they are up to their nose in debt which will take almost a lifetime to pay off.

Doesn't the government stress how important it is to get an education? Then why are there so many obstacles ($$$$$).

3. Finding a humane solution to our homeless, and making sure the hungry never experience hunger again. There are families who where both mother and father work, but the minimum wage makes it impossible to provide good nutritious food for themselves or their children.

It not only frightens me, but it breaks my heart when drive through my neighborhood and see so many For Sale signs. These homeowners have been forced by the economy to lose their homes. Some of these families will be lucky to have family (parents) who will permit them to live in their own home, but what about those who don’t have family, or a family that is also in the same boat? There will be even more homeless families living in cars. I have seen this with my own two eyes!

4. Create jobs for Americans, and I don't mean the kind of job where I see on every street corner, grown men and women who have to stand on a street corner dressed in a purple Statue of Liberty costume while holding a sign, trying to lure people into entering some furniture store or whatever. Create real jobs where a man or woman can earn for their creature comforts, and still maintain their dignity!

5. Pay decent wages so a father can provide for his wife and children, so the wife doesn’t have to get a job to make ends meet; leaving her babies with some STRANGER to care for them. There are so many cases where these sitters have been found to abuse these little children who can’t even talk.

6. SERIOUSLY start a war on drugs. If we can send a man to the moon, who is it possible that we can't conquer, once and for all, this horrendous problem of drugs that are destroying millions of lives?

7. SERIOUSLY find a solution to stop illegals from entering this country. Stop wasting time, and start concentrating on how to find a solution at putting an end to this problem, and leave American citizens Constitutional rights ALONE!

8. A border fence which will cost Americans so much money is NOT going to keep them from entering this country.

Why not use American citizens for FREE, who live in border cities and have internet access, to be on the look out for illegals trying to cross into this country through the Rio Grand, and a HOT line to call when one is seen trying to cross?

9. Our animals and earth are in desperate need of some type of assistance, also.

10. Am I living in a fantasy world?

Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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