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Serveillance Cameras

A few months ago, a beautiful 18 yr. old girl was murdered here in my city. She had graduated with honors and had a wonderful future ahead of her.

She was to meet friends at a nightclub and went to an ATM machine for cash. There, a man was waiting for whomever would stop by. When this poor girl got her money, the man broke her windsheild and shot her in the face. She lived, and the man made her drive off to some deserted place where he raped her and then finished the job by murdering her.

What I can't for the life of me understand is why such poor quality cameras are used at these places. The murderer was standing right in front of the serveillance camera and the picture came out so blurred that it is impossible to make out what the face looked like.

The murderer has not been caught yet and it seems he will never be caught and punished for committing such a horrific and uncalled for crime.

I find it hard to believe that perfectly detailed pictures are obtained from outer space, and yet, all of the convienence stores, ATM machines etc., have 3rd rate cameras. Why have them to begin with, if the pics will appear unrecognizable. I find this to be a great injustice to the public.
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