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POLITICAL PORN - Dan Abrams: Superdelegates Super Scam?

Dan Abrams: Superdelegates Super Scam?

I'm barely beginning to comprehend how these Superdelegates work, and I just don't like it, and yes, I've come to the conclusions that Superdelegates ARE a SCAM! Why can't WE THE PEOPLE come to a decision as to who our next president will be?

Has this course of action of electing a president always existed? Will it, or can it ever change, where WE THE PEOPLE CAST OUR VOTE, and whoever gets the MOST votes becomes our president? WHY is something that's so imperative as voting for the President of the United States so baffling? Why can't it just be as S-I-M-P-L-E as 1-2-3?!! GRRR!!

Thank you Dan Abrams for expressing my exact sentiments! Oh, and Abrams has just been added to ♥ PLAYGIRL'S OODLES OF CRUSHES LIST! ♥ :o)

Thoughts on this video please:
Dan Abrams: Superdelegates Super Scam?

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