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Pictures of the Mayan Ruins

This cute little critter was as big as could be. I think he/she wanted to go home with me, and if I could have found a way of sneaking it out of the country, I would have!

1. First of all, I'll be repeating this SCREENED post until the end of February for those LJ friends who still haven't seen it, because I realize we've all needed a little help at one time or another. I know I needed it at one point of my life. As for those who have asked me if I can really do it, my answer is YES, and I will send them out within a couple of days of being asked.

2. I'm happier than hell that Mitten has finally bowed out of the presidential race! Thank God I won't have to hear him speak ill of McCain, who I consider an American hero!

3. Here you will find a few of the many pics I took of the Mayan Ruins. Click on the numbers to see the large pictures.

Mayan Ruins ONE Mayan Ruins TWO Mayan Ruins THREE Mayan Ruins FOUR Mayan Ruins FIVE

Mayan Ruins SIX Mayan Ruins SEVEN Mayan Ruins NINE Mayan Ruins TEN

Mayan Ruins ELEVEN Mayan Ruins TWELVE


Join The NRA

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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