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Voyager of the Seas: Yucantan Mexico, Cancun, Honduras

How beautiful the sea is!

I got back late yesterday from a cruise to the Mayan Ruins in Quintana Roo (Riviera Maya) and Yucantan, Mexico, Cancun, and Honduras, and little by little I’ll show you pictures of these beautiful places, along with the inside of the ship. I totally recommend a cruise to all of you, because it’s the epitome of adventure and ROMANCE!

The same 6’6” guy (I’ll call him Joe Blow) who invited me to the Military Officers Ball a little over a year ago, invited me to go on a cruise with him because he was concerned that I’d be too depressed the latter days of January and the first days of February, since that’s when I lost my mother. After much thought, I accepted. I’m glad I did, because it turned out to be 8 days of paradise, although I did have a couple of pretty painful accidents!

We decided to drive instead of fly, because I wanted to stop in Ft. Stockton to say hello to an old friend of mine and her husband. From there, we went to San Antonio, because my brother had just arrived from Iraq a few days before!! I’m very proud of him because he got the Bronze Star Medal. I’ll soon show you a pic of it. I give thanks to God that he made it home safely. I couldn’t wait to see him and his little boy. I can’t say the same for his wife, because while my brother was in Iraq for a whole year, I found I had a bone to pick with her about something pretty serious. We stayed only for a couple of hours, and then drove to Galveston to catch the ship.

I have many pictures to share with you, and will show you some every time I make a post. I’ll start with the inside of the ship. I couldn’t believe my eyes, because it was 11 stories high which easily fit 3,000 people!!

Let me tell you about my 2 accidents! While in Fort Stockton, I decided to explore a little, and stepped on this railroad tie which was on the very edge of a tiny canal. When I stepped on it with my right leg, it slipped and I tumble over and the tie fell on my foot!! I started crying and yelling in pain. Joe Blow and my friend’s husband ran to my aide and pulled the tie off my foot. It’s a miracle I didn’t break it, but it hurt like hell. Then when we drove from San Antonio to Galveston, I decided I wanted to drive, and when I got to 80 miles an hour (speed limit), I pushed the cruise control button. Suddenly, I decided I wanted to hang a towel on my window because the sun was hitting me, so I grabbed my towel, push the button a little so I could tuck the towel in, then I pushed the button so it would go up. It did, along with the tip of my finger!! The pain was excruciatingly painful, and it wouldn’t let go of my finger, because my other hand was on the steering wheel. The pain was so bad that I just couldn’t think about anything but my finger, and totally forgot I was driving! Finally I gave out a scream for HELP, and Joe blow grabbed the wheel, while I pushed the button. He didn’t let me drive anymore.

Don’t EVER get your finger caught like I did, because you’ll be VERY sorry!

As wonderful as Joe Blow was, I’ve decided not to see him again. I could easily start having serious feelings for him, and that’s totally unacceptable for me.

My Gosh! ELEVEN stories high!! How does something this big stay afloat?!


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