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Reagan, Republicans, Iranian Ship Threat

Reagan, Republicans, Iranian Threat

I've been doing a lot of reading on President Reagan, and Nancy Reagan, and found that they once wanted to substitute catsup as a vegetable and relish as a fruit in school cafeterias so the government could save money on the federally-funded school lunch programs, yet Nancy Reagan was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive china, and redecorating the White House to make it look like a palace, and wearing expensive designer clothes so she could throw extravagant parties for all their friends, as all the while this country was going through a recession.

I've noticed that some of the Republican's running for president praise Reagan as having been a great president who ran a strong economy. These presidential candidates seem to have a desire to run this country as Reagan did. Am I missing something?

Please answer one or all of my questions:

1. What great strenght did Ronald Reagan bring to america. What strong economy?

2. Who do you consider the worst United States President we ever had?

3. Do you believe the Iranian ships were really threatining our ships, or is this another lie to get us into war with Iran?

I consider Bush the worst president we've ever had.


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