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POLITICAL PORN By Playgirl 1/8/2008

BEWARE of Playgirl with her camera! My Brother #4 was totally unaware I had taken this pic of him YAWNING when he and my other brothers came over from California for the Holidays! Now can you see why they all HATE ME! No! None of them know I have this SECRET LJ! heh heh

Damn liar! He keeps telling people we're of Mexican, Spanish and Irish decent, when we're actually of Mexican, Spanish, and ARAB decent! I'll soon be posting pics of my other brothers, and their girlfriends.

Always talking to girls!

How rude! This is what he does everytime he sees me! I wonder why!?!

But in all fairness, and because I'm not a totally EVIL little sister, here's a better pic of him. All my brothers are lookers, but this one is the biggest flirt in the world! I'll be posting pics of him trying to kiss a bunch of different girls!! :o)

I'll soon show you the Youtube Videos I took of him Thanksgiving of 2006! FUNNY!

Now on to the POLITICAL PORN!

Gosh, I never realized politics could be such an invigoratingly entertaining event! :o)

The catty EVIL eyed gossipmonger Michelle Malkin is a Bill O'Reilly WANNA BE, and she's succeeding marvelously!

I despise this EVIL witch who always snarls that repulsive hideous fish mouth of hers to venomously bash liberals! Although, I LOVE THE CLINTONS, I'm not going to vote for Hillary Clinton, but it makes me nauseous to hear this disgusting BITCH bad mouth Hillary for becoming teary eyed on Monday at an Iowa campaign event!

I find NOTHING wrong when a MAN or a WOMAN cries. I cry all the time! So, why didn't Michele Malkin bash Bush Senior for crying back in November of 2007, and Mitten Romney for weeping when he first found out that the Mormon church had decided to allow black people to fully participate?!

Mitten Romney: "I can remember when, when I heard about the change being made. I was driving home from, I think, it was law school, but I was driving home, going through the Fresh Pond rotary in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I heard it on the radio, and I pulled over and, and LITERALLY WEPT."

This arrogant man is an open book, and I can read him like a bad horror novel! Can hardly wait for either McCain, or Huckabee beating him by New Hampshire's primary voters, so I won't have to listen to his hypocrisy anymore!

By and by, I'm REALLY looking forward to tonight's Political Tuesday. I'm a HOT MAMA WHO IS ALL FOR OBAMA, and KNOW for a fact he is going to be the next President of the United States! Obama will forever be in my prayers. May the Lord hold him in the palm of His hand, and bless him and protect him! I really and truly love this charismatic man, because he is this country's, AND the worlds only hope!

Oh! And I want to thank
[info]talking_monkeys for sharing this Youtube video! Sean Hannity is another EVIL gossipmonger ASSHOLE that I dispise! Looks like the little woman following him had more balls than he did, by covering his ass! For once, he didn't have much to say, huh? What a COWARD!!

Notice how her eyes gleam with evil as she relishes stating HORRORS about the Clintons! Mucking B-I-T-C-H!


Join The NRA

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."
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