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Saving money is an exciting game for me, and I’d like to share exactly the many ways I achieve this with you. If you have a few tips that I don’t know of, please let me know!

First of all, I charge on my credit card, only the amount I know I’ll be able to pay in full, so I won’t have to pay any interest. If I don’t have the money, I don’t buy. For everyday necessities, I pay with cash. When you pay with a check or credit card, you don’t realize that you’re spending more than you have, unlike with cash, you see exactly what’s left after spending.

I try to by EVERYTHING 2nd hand, and by doing this, I not only save money, but help Mother Earth as much as I can.

Its winter now, and its cold, and I have yet to put on my heaters. I do turn on the electric heater in the bathroom for about 5 minutes to take a shower. At home, I wear very warm clothing, and I sleep with lots of blankets, all of which I bought at the 2nd hand store. I believe I’ve bought only 3 dresses since I’ve been on my own, and inspectorjury already knows one of the dresses will be worn again at my funeral.

I never buy expensive toiletries or beauty items, I use cheap petroleum jelly as a body and face moisturizer, and for my hair, I use mayonnaise to condition it, and drink a small glass every morning of fresh beets and a thumb size gingerroot that I make in my juicer. This makes the hair grow faster, thicker and shiner.

I live in the Sun City, where the sun rays penetrate your skin with fire and makes it burn fast. It’s hot most of the year, but I rarely put on the air conditioner. I’ve had ceiling fans installed in every room, and I use small regular fans when I’m at my computer.

I go to Sam’s once or twice a week and buy in bulk. On weekends, I do a lot of cooking, and make from scratch many dishes, then freeze them. Salad dressing’s are among the many things I’ll make from scratch, because I can make oodles of it for only a couple of dollars, plus they taste much better.

I have a used car and a used truck, and I paid cash for them. By doing things, all I have to buy is Liability Insurance.

For Christmas, I buy nothing, aside from buying a few little inexpensive toys for children, which I buy at the 2nd hand store. I keep away from the holiday shopping insanity completely, because I do have a little temper, and there are a lot of rude people out there. What I do for Christmas is, invite friends and family for a delicious feast, where we enjoy the true gift of being together.

Just a few of the things where money is no object with me is when I buy underwear, my haircuts, and my causes in life, which most of you already know of. I don’t believe in spending money on that which depreciates, but which appreciates only.

Should I ever marry, which I seriously doubt, I’ll make sure not to spend over $500.00!

Do you have tips on saving money that we can all use?

"Formal education will make you a living;
self-education will make you a fortune."
- Jim Rohn


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