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Decapitation, Family's Ordeal Horrifies Viewers

I saw something on the web yesterday, which upset me quite a bit. It was the actual picture of a girl who was decapitated in a car accident.

I have always been able to see things like this, but I'm aware that there are many people who can't.

There wasn't a warning to caution people of the horrific picture of this poor girl in a car with her head dangling down the side of the car. I’ve seen all the videos of decapitations performed by the terrorists in Iraq, and I’ve seen decapitations of policemen in Mexico, but the picture of this girl has to be the most alarming of all.

What has made this even more appalling is the fact that there have been people sending these horrible pictures to the girl’s family through the internet. I feel people who do things like this, aren't human, nor are they animals, because even animals have more compassion.

Here are a couple of links that tell the story. Don't worry, the links and video DO NOT show the picture of the dead girl.

Please, what are your thoughts on this?

Family's Ordeal Horrifies Viewers


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