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To all of those who left a comment in my prior FRIENDS ONLY post, I want to thank you!


It isn’t so much that I’m a very good person, in fact, I’m pretty bad, but I do have a deep compassion for certain groups of people that most don’t. I could very well focus my attention on other causes, causes such as children with Cancer as an example, but I realize I’m not really needed there, because there are so very many wonderful people who volunteer their time and money to causes such as these.

I focus my attention on the homeless, the animals, SOMETIMES the forgotten elderly in nursing homes, and those countless people in prisons. I do thank God that there are many animal lovers like myself, but there just isn’t too many who care about the other groups of people.

Many of you know that I have domains of an adult nature, and I’m sure you often times raise an eyebrow when I make posts about my compassion for my causes in life. I’m sure some of you have judgmental feelings towards me when I post pictures of the many churches I visit, and then the next day or two, I’ll make naughty posts with some provocative picture. Although, I am definitely as naughty as can be, I do believe in Jesus Christ. I believe He isn’t too happy with me for having my adult domains, but I do believe He looks kindly on me sometimes, because He really helps me make more than enough money to attend to my needs and grandpa’s, who was once a homeless man I picked up off the streets and brought home with me to live forever. I would like to take this opportunity to make something very clear about Grandpa. He is a man close to 70 years old, who is as close to an angel as I’ve ever encountered. There is absolutely nothing sexual in our relationship as has been hinted by a couple, and I’ll go so far as to say that I honest to God believe he’s still a virgin! If those of you who weren’t my LJ friend when I made the post about my first encounter with Grandpa, you can find the information, along with his pictures here:

How I Found Grandpa

Pictures of Grandpa - Before & After

Pictures of Grandpa & His New Life With Playgirl

The Lord helps me make enough money through my RESPECTABLE real job, and my ADULT domains for me to help those causes I fervently believe in. Besides, to be quite frank, I could care a horse’s ass what some people think of me in REAL life and the internet!

More than half of you, my LJ friends, don’t know my history, and may be asking yourselves that if I had been a victim of crime, I wouldn’t feel so much compassion for our prisoners, but what most of you don’t know is that I HAVE personally experienced VIOLENT crime as a child.

There are some types of crimes committed by criminals that I have no compassion for, and in fact, loathe them. I believe that those who are proven guilty for committing crimes against children should be castrated, and then raped by every singe inmate in the prison until they ripe his anus to shreds. I despise cowardly terrorists and violent gang members. Criminals such as Susan Smith, Richard Speck, Berkowitz, Scott Peterson, Leslie Van Houten, Atkins, Krenwinkel, Manson, the bastard who buried that little girl alive, and the list goes on. I believe these people should rot in prison until the day they die, and then go directly to hell. As you can see, my heart is filled with compassion and mercy, but it is also filled with great hatred that goes beyond the norm. If I were really a good person, I wouldn’t have these terrible feelings about those I’ve mention.

Although, I despise these groups of beasts, I’m totally against the death penalty, and nothing anyone says will ever change my mind. I believe prison is a hell hole, and these types of criminals pay much more dearly, than being put to death. Death is just too easy an escape from punishment. Another reason I’m TOTALLY against the death penalty is because I know there are a handful on death row that are innocent.

I know for a fact that our prisons are filled with the most dangerously vile criminals, criminals who will never change, but then, there are many who regret with all their heart the terrible mistake, or wrong choice they took for landing them in prison. I believe these prisoners deserve a 2nd chance in life!

I will soon do a big detailed write up about the lives of Texas 7, and how they managed to escape from prison. That post will also be FRIENDS ONLY. My list has barely grown to about 60 that I’ll soon be deleting from my FList!

Oh! And I haven’t forgotten to post a couple of pictures from the Playboy Mansion! That was taken of me at Lake Havasu in Arizona, and will soon post some pics of many of my friends dressed in respectable swimwear, along with pics I of some very sexy woman wearing the TINIEST bikini’s in the world! See! I often times replace my halo with little horns! Heh heh

Playgirl's Befitting Quote For Today:

"Perhaps no phenomenon contains so much destructive
feeling as "moral indignation," which permits envy
or hate to be acted out under the guise of virtue."
- Erich Fromm

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Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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