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Sexy Legs Playgirl’s Adventures With the Dead

October 29, 2007, 4:34 PM - As of today, I will make this exact TIME TO SAY GOODBYE post everyday I make a new post to my Livejournal, until November 5, 2007.

The only time I've ever deleted anyone from my LJ, is when I've been asked to delete them.

This is going to CHANGE.

I have approximately 536 MUTUAL Livejournal Friends on my FList, and will ABSOLUTELY start payging CLOSE attention as to:

1. Who NEVER, EVER, EVER and EVER leaves a comment in my Livejournal.
2. Who NEVER replies to me when I leave a comment on their Livejournal. How rude!
3. Who NEVER even bothers to thanks me after I take the time to leave my Happy Birthday wishes in their LJ. How Rude!
4. Who I like very much, but I get these SPOOKY vibes that that person doesn't like me.
5. All in all, I can now see for sure, that at least 400 people will be deleted into cyber kingdom come by me by November 5, 2007.
6. I will start hunting for about 25 BRAND NEW LJ Friends after November the 5th.
7. By and by, all of you already know that I am a gal who expresses EXACTLY what I feel about any given topic; if you DON'T like me for it, and want to beat me to the punch, then DELETE me right now! And PLEASE don’t bother telling me you have, because I’ll KNOW!


I got into my car, and took off by myself, because I hate living humans interrupting me while in the company of the dead! Some of you already know of my love of cemeteries, tombstones, and the walking dead! Yes, I love this kind of stuff so much, that I go absolutely SPOOKALICIOUSLY CRAZY, especially during one of my most favorite times of the year - HALLOWEEN! EEK!

I sped to Concordia Cemetery, and for the umpteenth time, and headed straight for John Wesley Hardin’s grave and tried desperately to break the lock on the Iron Gate, but failed miserably!

I grabbed onto iron bars that surrounded him, and started to toss in a few coins inside.

I proceeded to walk toward the bench I've sat in each and every time, and immediately started talking to his spirit. I told him that I’d just found out that John Selman was also buried at Concordia, and promised I’d soon start looking for his graveside. I just couldn't contain myself, and burst out sobbing as I told “Wes” that I’d never forgive John Selman for shooting him in the back of the head! I always knew Selman was a cowardly snake in the grass vermin!

I told Wes I’d also do every thing in my power to find the grave of his lovely mistress, Beulah M’Rose, to personally thank her for paying a whopping $77.00 for his funeral back in 1895, and continued sitting on that old bench that stood to the side of his awesome grave site, and started wishing with all my heart, that John Wesley Hardin would appear to me in all his glory!

SUDDENLY, I heard the lock click open, and the screeching sound of the Iron Gate to his grave open at a snail's pace. I turned around slowly. My jaws dropped down to my knee caps, and my eyes popped out of their eye sockets in disbelief, then I fainted and PLOPPED to the ground!

God only knows how long I lay there sprawled flat on my back with my tongue hanging down the side of my mouth like a dog!

When I began to slowly regain consciousness, this is what I saw standing in front of ME ...


I quickly grabbed my six-shooterI pistol and ran into his awaiting arms, and we kissed passionately! He picked me up in his arms and carried me clear across town to the OK CORRAL to meet his cousins Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, and we lived happily ever after in his SPOOKY kingdom of the dead!


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