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As a pup I dreamed and wondered what life would hold in store. For me, I thought there's something great! Beyond that kennel door. Out there are needy people and I have much to give; love, and wit, and gentleness to help them learn to live.

I'd be someone's protector, keep little ones from harm, pr guide an old man's weary steps, or help to run a farm. I'd run and bark and jump and play with friends along a sandy shore, I'd roll in meadows thick and green that lie beyond that kennel door.

I lay here waiting-longing, as the days and years went by; my owner kept me fed and brushed, but inside, let me die. I do not think of greatness now, I'm old and filled with pain. My owner has some ribbons, But I have lived in vain. I cannot think of what could have been, my dreams are filled with hope no more, just floor and walls and broken heart Behind this kennel door.

Please, give a dog a home. You won't regret it.
Don't forget to Spay or Neuter a pet!

More pictures of cats and dogs on DEATH ROW!!

This little kitten was asleep in its kitty litter!

Speak of finding not one, but two needles in a haystack. The two dogs were found yesterday. I'm a little scared by the thought of being the mistress of such a big critter family - 29 cats, and now 12 dogs!

One of the two men I’d offered the very handsome reward had already given up a couple of days ago, but the other persisted so he got all the reward money for himself.

Early Saturday morning, the man came and picked me up in his truck. The dogs were at the dog pound, and had been caught 8 miles from where they had been dropped off. I was told that the German Shepherd had a micro chip, and they had called the owner, but she wouldn’t answer the phone. I told them that I wanted to adopt both dogs. I filled out LOTS of paper work, with LOTS of rules, and paid a total of $216.00 for both. This money is for spaying, neutering, micro-chipping the female dog, and changing the mirco-chip on the German Shepherd into my name, vaccinations, and adoption fees. I won’t be able to bring the female dog until Monday and the German Shepherd until November 10, because the owner has priority over me until that date. One of the rules I MUST follow is that I'm NOT to keep them tied. I'm a little worried about this, because the female dog is so big and agile, that she can easily climb my 7 ft. rock fence to get to my front yard where my cats are.

I’m very happy that the dogs were found and will soon be in my possession again, but I’m also very sad, knowing that so very many dogs and cats are euthanized daily.

I took just a FEW pictures of the countless dogs and cats that will be dead in 3 days. Most of them were asleep, and wouldn’t even stir when I’d knock on glass. Others would look deeply into my eyes, begging me to take them home with me. They all knew they were going to die!

Why would anyone go to a pet store for a pet, where cats and dogs are bred for profit, when there are so many little animals that nobody wants at the dog pound?

Sometime this coming week, I'm going to have Charlie neutered, also. Hopefully, this will keep him from being so aggressive with the German Shepherd, if not, I don't know what the hell I'm going to do! I'm also going to have to trap that white cat that's already had two 5 kitten litters, to have spayed and micro-chipped, plus one more kitten, and my little Helen Keller!!

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