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Woman Sues Florist For $400,000.00

If the woman's flowers cost $27,435.14, I hate to imagine how much her entire wedding cost.

I realize that people who have oodles of money, have every right to spend a HUGE fortune on their weddings, but I can't help but feel a little nauseated when people do this, when I see so much pain and suffering in this world. There are so many people who are homeless and hungry; so many children who are skin and bone; so many animals who are suffering.

To spend $27,435.14 on flowers for one day disgusts me beyond belief, and what disgusts me even more, are people like this BLOODSUCKER, who have no compassion or scruples when it comes to ruining other peoples lives, such as the florist she's suing for $400,000.00 for getting the colors wrong on her stupid flowers. I cannot understand how the court system allows these types of immorally outrageous law suits to be permitted in the first place.

Take that odious man who sued that poor little Korean dry cleaners for $65 million but later found it in his heart to reduce the his claim to $54 million for losing his pants. The little dry cleaners eventually had to close shop because they had gone broke after having to pay for lawyers fees to defend them.

I find these things a legal way of robbing people blind, people who have worked all their lives to own a business. I find it tragic that so many people worked hard to gain their own fortune through a lifetime of blood, sweat and tears, only to have maggots like this woman, come along and take it all way from them for some tiny mistake.

How much more meaningful this bloodsucker's wedding might have been, had she had daisies gathered from a field for her wedding, but it's obvious she's a materialistic money hungry ogre who will stoop to anything to acquired an even bigger fortune at the cost forcing a business person into bankruptcy!

I honestly feel one 1,000 bucks is more than sufficient to spend on a traditional LITTLE wedding. A little food, a little bubbly, a little music, a little chapel, a little red rose, family and a few close and dear friends, and a whole lot of loving, kissing and F***ing ;o) on the honeymoon with your BELOVED is what truly makes a wedding day unforgettable, and extra special!

I've been to some expensive weddings where most of the people there were friends of the friends of the friends of the friends of the FRIEND that was actually invited! What a waste of money to spend on total strangers!

As for this BITCH, I hope that when she dies, and we all will die someday for sure, she’ll find a bunch of huge dried up tumbleweeds adorning her entire grave!


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