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I’m back from my trip from Santa Fe, NM. It was quite an unforgettable trip, which left me with pleasant feelings, as well as feelings of exasperation.

I will soon share the MANY extraordinary PICTURES I took, especially the ones I took at this ancient cemetery, in a tiny town that I ventured into, where one guy obviously left this earth a bit tipsy, as well as this other one which was in a way a little BIZARRE! :o)

Norma and I left early Wed, stayed one day in SF, and left the next morning to the Santuario de Chimayo, which was my main reason for taking this trip. I had been there before with my Dad, when we learned he had prostrate cancer, to eat of the miraculous sand, and pray for a miracle. I didn’t take a camera that time, because the only thing I had on my mind was my Dad’s health. My plans were to take pictures of the church this time.

When Norma and I arrived, the priest was talking non stop right in front of the altar to a bunch people who had gone there on a bus tour to see the entire church. What upset me was the fact that now, there were signs everywhere that we weren’t allowed to take pictures. I went outside and started taking pictures of the exterior of the church and the entire grounds. When I returned half hour later, the priest was still talking!

I PROMISED myself that by hook or by crook, I would NOT leave without taking pictures of the interior of the little church and the little hole that contains the never ending holy sand! I walked over to the gift shop they have, and asked the girl there why in the world they wouldn’t allow us to take pictures, and she told me that it was so tourists would be FORCED to buy the postcards of the church! I thought this was really bad for this church to do something like this, just to force people to buy the postcards.

I patiently waited until everyone had left, including the priest, and I snuck in through the side door and managed to take many pictures, then I entered the church through the very front side door and was able to take two pictures of the inside of the church, until this woman approached me and yelled that I could NOT take pictures!

EVERY single church I visited in Santa Fe, including the church where the miraculous stairs are at, ALLOWED tourists to take pictures, and had many free brochures, but not at the Sanctuary of Chimayo!

In the end, I did buy some postcards from their gift shop, which I would have even if it had been permitted to take pics of the interior of the church.

We then went back to SF and rented a hotel again. I’ve always been blessed when it comes to meeting wonderful people, but then, I’ve always been a powerful magnet when it comes to meeting VICIOUS BEASTS of the TWO LEGGED KIND! I really had a wonderful time in SF, today at a park, a horrible poor excuse of a man called me a Hija de tu Chingada Madre, and wouldn’t stop attacking me verbally, because I decided after closer inspection of his dirty little hands, and food stand, I was NOT going to buy one of his dirty burritos! The names he yelled at me non-stop are Spanish words that are so hideous, that you don’t say them to any human-being! About an hour ago, I called the SF Police department and reported the incident and they are going to look for him, which shouldn’t be too hard, because I told them exactly where he was selling those filthy burritos. How wonderful the police are in SF!!

I’m invited to a big birthday party today, but I’m too tired, and in a very sad and strange mood to go. I always buy this magazine from Juarez called the Alarma, which are full blown pictures bodies that died in a most horrific way, and this latest magazine I bought has pictures of a Mexican policeman who was tortured, then decapitated on the 17th of this month. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always forced myself to look at the these horrific pictures in the Alarma, because I want to be strong, and not a delicate piece of tissue paper, but I’ve now promised myself never to buy these magazines again, because they are starting to affect me terribly. I can’t get that policeman’s decapitated head out of my OWN head! I even have an upset stomach.

Of all the pictures I've taken in my lifetime, the pictures taken of the Santuario de Chimayo are my MOST PRIZED POSSESSIONS, because they were taken with so much CONFLICT!!

On this close to 4 day trip, I paid for EVERYTHING, both for myself and Norma. I love her dearly, but the next time I travel, and money has nothing to do with it, I’m traveling ALONE, so help me God!!!

I really feel like crying.

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