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Luciano pavarotti - ADHD

Luciano pavarotti - ADHD

1. First of all, Rest in peace, my beloved
Luciano Pavarotti. You will be dearly missed!

2. Could you please educate me on ADHD?

There seems to be a problem with one of the little boys I cared for this summer while my cousin recuperated from her illness. There’s no doubt that this 9 year old boy is intelligent, because he was reading by the age of 3, and could tell time.

He is going to a very good school in San Antonio, but his mother tells me that the teachers have been complaining to her that he won’t do what they tell him to do. It isn’t that he’s disrupting the class or being rude, but when they give him something to do, he won’t do it, because he seems to be in another world. They feel he has ADHD, and want there mother to take him to a shrink, but I tell her not to do it, because then he will be labeled!

Was I wrong to tell her this?

I am just as worried about this as his mother is. Please tell me as much as you can on ADHD, and please give me some advice as to what to tell his mother to do.

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