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These pictures are the last one of many I took of the three babies I grew to feel as if they were my own babies. They filled my life with so much love and happiness. It’s going to take some time to get use to living without them!

I left for San Antonio Monday of last week for two reasons; to leave my cousins kids, and to stay with her because she had to have an operation on her uterus. When she had her 3rd baby, he weighed 10 pounds 2 ounces! The doctor should have performed a caesarean section, since she’s so tiny, but he didn’t, so she was terribly messed up internally. The operation was major.

I’m feeling a little down because I miss the kids so much, but I’m happy because they’re back with their mother who loves them so much, and I’m relieved in a way, because school started today, and it would have been so incredibly hard on me to take them to school, go to work, and then pick them up at different hours.

I took one of the white kittens with me, and they’re all very happy to have him. They named him Oscar. I still haven’t caught the last of the cats to have fixed and micro-chipped. I’m sure she’s pregnant again, but this coming Saturday, I’m going to trap her, even if it takes me all day long, because there is no way I can have 5 more kittens in my life! People around here are really and truly starting to look at me funny. Not too long ago, I tried to go for a little walk, and all of them were following me like little puppies! I had to go back home for fear a car would run over them. Everywhere you look at my house, you see cats on trees, the roof, bushes, my car, my porch, everywhere, and they’re all looking at me! I read that there’s a woman in Russia, I think, that has 133 cats, and if I’m not careful, I’ll be making world news, too! Twenty some cats is really an awful lot!

On my way back from San Antonio yesterday, I was pull over by a cop! I was going 103 miles per hour, and speed limit is 80! It was so embarrassing, because I passed all these cars along the way, then they all caught up to me and saw me getting a damn ticket! The man made me get out of my car and walk to him. I suppose he did this to see if maybe I was drunk or something. I kept seeing all the cars pass and look at me. I know for a fact each and every one of them had a big grin on their faces yelling har har at me!! The officer, who was HUGE, was very courteous with me, and told me that 103 miles an hour was a bit too much, and the important thing was for me to get to my destination safely. I know! I DESERVED that ticket.

I really love San Antonio. It is so beautiful, and perhaps someday, I’ll sell my house and move over there, or to São Paulo, Brazil.

Strange, but I really and truly missed you all!

Mea Culpa

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Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."
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