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When the Saints Come Marching In

When the Saints Come Marching In

There’s this little seventy-seven year old lady who lives alone close to my house that I always see sitting alone in her front porch. This Saturday, I decided to invite her to go with me to Socorro, Texas, because I wanted to see a very old cemetery I hadn’t seen yet.

We stayed there for hours, going through as many grave sites as possible. One of the times, Mrs. Little Old Lady asked me if I thought the person buried in one of the graves would mind if she pulled a little stem of a Lady Fingers plant so she could plant it in her yard. I told her the person in the grave wouldn’t mind at all, since he wasn’t stingy. She bent down and pulled a tiny stem, and we continued looking at the old headstones. When it started to get too dark, we headed back to my car. Suddenly, Mrs. Lady noticed that she didn’t have in her pocket the keys that unlocked the gate to her front house, and was sure it had slipped out when she bent down to pull the Lady Finger, so we turned around and started looking for her keys. We never found them.

It was already about 10:30 PM, and we were hungry and thirsty, so I stopped by at a MacDonald’s and we ate. We really had a good time talking and laughing!

When I took her back to her house, she gave me the key to her house, and I climbed her fence. I unlocked her front door, found the spare key to the lock on the gate, and went an unlocked it for her. She gave me a really big hug! She's gonna be my sometimes little traveling companion from now on. ♥

Here are the pics I took. I made some graphics of some of them, too.

I took this picture of the Socorro Mission
La Purisima while it was still daylight.

We're walking toward the cemetery.

The entrance to La Purisima Cemetery.

Look how old they are!

I dug my hand as far as possible to see if I could feel a box, but couldn't.
Grave snatchers? Hmmm...makes me wonder!

Here we're starting to walk back
to my car, when Mrs. Little Old Lady notices the key
to her front gate isn't in her pocket.

Here we're heading back to my car again,
after going back and looking for the key
which we never found.

I took MANY pictures and these are just a
few of the headstones I made graphics of.

Santo Nino de Atocha

Sagrado Corazon de Jesus

Luciano Pavarotti - Ave Maria - Schubert

Join The NRA

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."
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