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Rarely do I use foul language, but there are 2 words that I’m ashamed to admit slip out of my mouth, on those RARE occasions when I experience EXTREME rage and frustration. These 2 words are, “PINCHI CABRON!”

In Spanish, PINCHI means a male cook in a restaurant, and CABRON means a male goat! Haaaa

I must have yelled out these two terrible words a million times! Let me tell you what enraged and aggravated me to the point where my body became drenched in sweat from head to toe.

As most of you know, I have approximately 25 or more feral cats, and I’ve trapped ALL of these cats, and had them neutered, spayed and micro-chipped by my vet EXCEPT for ONE who recently had 5 kittens. I had an appointment this past Saturday to take this one LAST female cat to be fixed.

I got up early in the morning, and made a plan. I brought all the cat bowls inside my house, and lured just about ALL of the 25 cats inside by filling their bowls with Meow Cat Mix, making sure that the female cat I wanted to trap, stayed outside. There were 3 cats that refused to enter my house, so I just went ahead with my next plan. I prepared the trapper and placed a bowl of cat food inside, and then I sat on the porch benches and waited while I drank my coffee. I WAITED, and WAITED as the cat pranced around the trapper, sniffing, stretching and pawing at it. After about an hour, she was just about to enter, when another yellow cat, shoved her away and started entering the cage, which caused me to start the flow of never ending foul language that spewed from my mouth! “Get away from there PINCHI CABRON GATO (GOTO means cat in Spanish)!!” These outbursts only managed to frighten him and the female cat away. This scenario happened over and over again!

A couple of times, the female cat actually entered the trapper, but not once would she step on the part which snaps the door shut. I even had TWO cats enter the trapper without stepping on that thing which closes the door!!!

I think pictures speak louder than words. This is the hell I went through, for more than an hour of my life!

Here I'm ready to trap the white female cat.

This cat won't stop mocking me!

Now he's very suspicious of me!

I know exactly what he's telling her! "DON'T go in that cage,
because the last time I did, I LOST MY DAMN BALLS!!"

This is the white female cat I'm trying to lure into the trapper.

Finally she enters to eat, but won't step on
the little plate that snaps the door shut!

See how she only permits her little paws to BARELY touch the little SNAP plate?!

Now that yellow cat shoves her aside and starts eating!

Now she gets out and that horrible cat continues eating the food!
How I wished he still had his BALLS, so I could get the vet to
chop them off AGAIN! REVENGE! Grrr Salte Pinchi Gato Cabron!!
(Thank goodness you guys don't understand Spanish!!)

AGAIN, translation:
I must wash my mouth with soap! :o(

At this point, I'm so tired, that I grab a little bench and
sit on it a little closer to the cage. She stares at me,
wondering why my face is all distorted!

By now, not only am I fit to be tied down, but I'm bored to death,
so I start walking around my yard to cool off, and find this
little dead bug which I found facinating!

Here I turn toward the porch, and finally realize
that the cat is NOT going to enter the cage again!

By and by, By now, I was exhausted, hungry, thirsty, and my bladder is about to bust, so I said the HELL with it and gave up. I approached the cage, dropped to my knees, reached inside the cage to grab the bowl of Meow Cat food, and I accidentally pushed the aluminum plate that snaps the door shut, and I trapped my entire arm and shoulder! I KNOW what you're thinking, but don't you DARE say the cats are more clever than I am!! Grrr

I called my vet, and he gave me another appointment for this coming Saturday. I'm NOT looking forward to that day at all, but I MUST catch this female cat, because they're already in heat, and I just can't have 5 more brand new kittens!

It took me another hour to get ALL the 25 cats I had in the house, to go outside!

Lord! Why ME?!

Among my many favorite Brazilian songs is Manhã De Carnaval
which is written in Portuguese. It was played in the film,
Black Orpheus. Luiz Bonfá (1922-2001) composed it, and the
lyrics are from Antônio Maria Araújo de Morais (1921-1964).

Here you can listen to the

Manhã De Carnaval - Black Orpheus

Here is Manhã de Carnaval is played by André Rieu,
whom I got to see personally last year, thanks
to a friend's invitation, when he played in El Paso.

Join The NRA

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."
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