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Throwing Koran In Toilet, Arab World, Muslims, Islam

Throwing Koran In Toilet, Arab World, Muslims, Islam

A college student was recently arrested for throwing a Koran in a toilet.

Why can't we understand that people from all over the world, have a right to believe and practice their beliefs? Why can't we just all respect that fact and not do as this guy did by throwing the Koran into a toilet? I personally find it very offensive that this guy did this, to desecrate a copy of the Koran, which is the physical proof of Islam for millions upon millions of Muslims. We as Americans would be very upset if someone threw our Holy Bible into a toilet!

I'm positive this college asshole wouldn't have the balls to throw the Koran into a toilet, if he were living in the Arab world!

We really should pay more attention to what this great man of wisdom, Benito Juárez, once said:

"Entre los INDIVIDUOS, como entre las NACIONES, el RESPETO al DERECH AJENO es la PAZ."

Among individuals, as well as among nations, respecting what belongs to others is PEACE!!

Thoughts please!

What does freedom of speech and freedom of expression mean to you?

Should we as Americans be allowed to do and say anything we wish without fear of arrest? Why?

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