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Blind Kitten Survival

Grandpa and I have been doing everything humanly possible to save this tiny kitten since she was born, by feeding her with a little eye dropper, and constantly washing her little eyes.

This tiny little kitten is already about 3 months old, but is almost the size of a 1 month old kitten. She's so tiny and fragile; she fits in the palm of your hand. I'm keeping her inside the house, but she's terrified when Panchito and Jewely start barking at her. She just doesn't know that they wouldn't harm her for the world.

I've actually lost sleep with worry about this tiny kitten, and today I just couldn't take it anymore, so I called my boss and told him I'd be a little late. I checked the telephone directory for a vet, because own vet is on vacation. I found one, and took the kitten to her. The vet told me that she just couldn't understand how she was still living, because she should have died a long time ago. I was very happy when she told me that I had been doing a great job in keeping her alive and well. I had to tell her that the credit mostly belonged to my Grandpa.

I took these pictures this morning of Grandpa giving her the medication, and rubbing the ointment over the eyes. As you can see, some of the strays I have, are looking on a little worried!!

I've already taken out the trapper, because I have an appointment with my vet to have the last of the adult cats fixed and micro-chipped. It's such an exasperating and aggravating event. It's going to be close to impossible to catch that ONE, because the rest of the 20 something cats have been fixed, the chances slim to catch her, because I'll be trapping the ones I don't want to trap! But I'll have to do it, because I just can't have anymore cats!

I can't help but be embarrassed that Grandpa still refuses to wear the nice clothes I've bought for him at the 2nd hand store, where I buy my own. His refusal to wear more presentable clothing, instead of those horrible rags, reflects badly on me!!

There are so many KIND HOMELESS SOULS roaming the streets that desperately need a home. How I wish you would pick one up someday to share your home and life with! He could very well turn out to be your Guardian Angel!

Grandpa giving kitten medication

These 2 kittens were born on the same day.
See how much smaller one kitten is to the other?

Look at the worried look on the Mama's face!!
The other cats started gathering around Grandpa
to see what he was doing to the kitten!!

Look how tiny and boney she is. She can barely reach the water pail!

This is what Grandpa and I have been doing everyday since
these kitten were born; washing all 5 little kitten's eyes,
because of goop that accumulates on a daily basis.

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