Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

You have the audacity to state that you don't hate me

The feeling of "hate" doesn't need to be written. Your innuendos scream it loud and clear. You have called me just about every fowl name in the book. You have used my journal to post emails I sent to you when we were friends. You have called me an asshole, ruthless, a lier, you call me a lier that I believe in God, you've bad mouthed my country America. You dare to insult my babies when you wrote "these dogs are ugly as shit". Now you call me a thief because I have song lyrics. Hey, one of your sites offers: "Free Music Downloads Lyrics CD Albums & Free MP3 Download" so what are you talking about?

This is to the PUBLIC who is reading my journal.
Tessy states that I'm stealing song lyrics. Please go to the search engines and look for "free song lyrics" In GOOGLE you will find over 1,520,000 sites with "free song lyrics." In YAHOO you will find 1,390,000 sites. Please go to one of my sites which contains 100's of song lyrics:
Playgirl's Song Lyrics
This is what she's accusing me of.

Also, I don't see the point of you bringing out in MY journal the fact that I make money through the internet with my websites. You do TOO!! and SO WHAT??? All of us cam girls make money through affiliates. There's nothing illegal or greedy about that. You know that I could very EASILY DELETE your entries, but I don't because I feel you have a right to EXPRESS yourself. BUT YOUR MESSAGES OF HATRED ARE GETTING MORE AND MORE VIOLENT.

My websites are business ONLY. This journal has nothing to do with my monetary business, it's for my enjoyment and to express my feelings about whatever I may feel. You have made a mockery of my journal. You continue to contradict everything I say in MY JOURNAL, with very nasty statements. STOP! I welcome your comments, but please refrain from addressing me in such fowl language. I could also very well post the threats you've written me. Please Tessy, behave in a lady like manner here.

What's so ironic about this whole fiasco is the fact that you would of been so SURPRISED as to why I stopped communicating with you. It had absolutely nothing to do with you, it was all about me. My brother had absolutely nothing to do with any of this. Infact, he stressed that I write you and tell you why I couldn't continue our friendship. Now I'm glad I didn't tell you why because you are so great at posting my PERSONAL email to you in MY JOURNAL for the net world to see.
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